Pat McAfee Says Michael Cole and The Miz Didn’t Know He Was Showing Up At WrestleMania 39

Pat McAfee returned to WWE on night one of WrestleMania 39 to confront The Miz and beat him in an impromptu match. Well, the former NFL punter reveals that neither the A-Lister, nor his good friend Michael Cole, knew he was coming.


McAfee spoke on this topic during the latest edition of his Pat McAfee show :

Michael Cole had no idea that I was there. He walked by the bus one time. I actually seen him. I haven’t seen him in a long time. I missed that guy. I would have liked to talk to that guy but can’t because we don’t know if the moment’s gonna come or if it’s gonna matter, and I don’t want to distract him. Three people I think knew. Obviously, The Miz did not know until Saturday. For shoot, when my music hit is near when Miz found out. He might have thought, ‘Is there somebody back there that maybe wants to come dance?’ He never expected it to be me. It was awesome. I’m very thankful.

Staying on the subject, McAfee admits he misses being in the WWE environment as everyone always treats him like family.

People at WWE are way too nice to us. They’re so cool. I got to drink with the crew afterwards. I miss the family behind the scenes over there so much. They are so good at everything they do. The people behind the scenes, the camera people, the graphic people, the editing people, the tech people, the every people. They’ve all been there forever. Four people in the whole building knew we were there.

McAfee last appeared for WWE at the Royal Rumble event in January. Check out the latest edition of his show below.

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(H/T and transcribed by WrestlingNews.Co)

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