Planet Venus Audio Technologies Spectral Coherence Control Plugin

With the consumer version of the Planet Venus Spectral Coherence Control Essential plugin ($189), adventurous audiophiles can experiment with removing distortion inherent to a recording, independent of the playback system.

In this demo, you can hear the technology’s effect and explicitly listen to the distorted sound it filters from the source content. It’s important to note that the listener controls how much correction is applied.

The main catch with this technology is that music needs to be digitized to be processed. However, the distortion that the software removes is inherent to recordings and the gear used in music production.

Once you hear the before and after a few times, the impact of the technology becomes clear. Wear good headphones and pay attention to the mode changes on screen as you listen to the video demo. It’ll give you an idea what this new audio processing technology can accomplish.

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