Plans for Lesnar & Strowman Over the Next Few Weeks; More on Cena/Reigns Segment

— Braun Strowman was not on last night’s Raw because WWE is trying to make a concerted effort to keep the physicality between him and Brock Lesnar to a minimum before their match at No Mercy in September.

— Next week, Strowman will be back on Raw but Lesnar will be missing so there will be no confrontation there either. However, the week after that, both wrestlers are scheduled to be appearing together.

— In a follow-up to a previous post, the John Cena and Roman Reigns contract signing segment was indeed completely pre-scripted by WWE creative writers and not something that was delivered ad-hoc. The only part of the interview that was spontaneous was when Reigns forgot his lines and Cena’s response to that.