Prada for H&M?

Could it be that the next designer to collaborate with retailer H&M will be Miuccia Prada? After Stella McCartney’s smash hit limited collection for the high street chain, the fashion industry has been speculating wildly about who H&M will invite to guest design next.

Prada confirmed that she had been approached by H&M in an interview with fashion journalist Colin McDowell. “I think it is an interesting concept and I would love to work on an entire collection using inexpensive materials,” she said. “What I don’t like is the idea of copying the main collection straight out. I think it should be treated as a whole new innovation.”

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The concept of a major fashion designer working together with a high street chain to design a collection is not new, but the format that H&M has introduced, with limited collections and celebrity designers like Karl Lagerfeld and McCartney, is certainly innovative in itself.

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