Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will (Literally) Follow In Diana’s Footsteps for First Royal Tour

Like mother, like son. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for all of one month now, but already, fans can’t stop studying how their approach is like Harry’s mom Princess Diana’s. And that’s because, well, it is. Just look at Kensington Palace’s latest announcement as proof. 

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After their low-key honeymoon and probable trip to Mexico so Harry can finally meet Meghan’s dad, Kensington Palace revealed Monday that Harry and Meghan will be visiting Australia, Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga, and New Zealand in the fall. In case it isn’t obvious, this really is a big deal, mostly because it’s their first official royal trip abroad after becoming husband and wife. 

They are going partially for the Invictus Games, which take place in Sydney from October 20-28, but interestingly enough, this location choice also has ties to Harry’s late mom. 

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When Princess Diana and her then-husband Prince Charles were newly minted married royals back in 1983, they also chose to jet set to Australia and New Zealand for their first tour. So basically, Meghan and Harry are taking the “following in Diana’s footsteps” thing very literally. 

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Funnily enough, they’ll also follow in Prince William and Kate Middleton’s steps. While Will and Kate didn’t beeline right to Australia after becoming royals, they did visit in 2014 along with a baby-faced Prince George for their son’s first royal tour. 


They even stood in front of Ayers Rock, the exact same spot where Diana and Charles took photos nearly decades earlier. How’s that for full circle?  

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We’re keeping our fingers firmly crossed for a Meghan and Harry picture there too. It’s practically family tradition. 

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