Rumors on Rusev's Status, Speculation on Hardys, Finn Balor's Return

All of the following are unconfirmed rumors at this point

— There is some speculation that Rusev may be in the doghouse which would explain why he was pretty much crushed by the Big Show at Fastlane last night. If this is even true, there’s also no indication on why this might be but we have heard that it could be due to Rusev’s tweet directed at Jack Swagger after the latter announced his requested release on social media.

— According to reports, Matt & Jeff Hardy are officially with ROH until the end of March, but they are not expected to appear at WrestleMania for WWE or the Raw after and in fact, not until May or possibly June. The consensus opinion is that the brothers will take on indie bookings before sorting something out with WWE by the summer.

— WWE originally had plans to do a Samoa Joe vs. John Cena match at WrestleMania before changing things and having Joe appear on Raw instead. It is unknown who Joe will face at WrestleMania 33, but one name that has been tossed around in rumors is that it could be a returning Finn Balor.