Russia Denies Consular Visit To Princeton Grad Evan Gershkovich

PRINCETON, NJ – Detained U.S. journalist Evan Gershkovich was denied consular access by Russia on Thursday, the country said.

Gershkovich, 31, a journalist for the Wall Street Journal, was detained last month by Russian officials on spying accusations.

Russia’s denial for consular access comes after the United States refused to grant visas to Russian reporters. Russia called this move “provocative.”

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The reporters were supposed to travel to the U.S. to cover Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s visit to the the UN Security Council.

“In this connection the US Embassy was informed that its request for a consular visit on 11 May to American citizen E Gershkovich, who was detained on charged of espionage activity, has been denied,” according to a statement from the foreign ministry.

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In mid April, U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Lynne Tracy wa allowed to visit Gershkovich in a Moscow prison.

Russia’s main security service, the Federal Security Service (FSB) has accused the journalist of trying to obtain classified information, a charge the Wall Street Journal has denied.

On Thursday Gershkovich released a public statement via the WSJ.

“I’m humbled and deeply touched by all the letters I received. I’ve read each one carefully, with gratitude,” Gershkovich said in the statement.

On Thursday, the Biden administration sanctioned Russia’s Federal Security Service and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for wrongfully detaining Americans.

They noted that the actions were in the works well before the arrest of Gershkovich in Russia.

Gershkovich became the first U.S. correspondent to be detained on spying accusations in Russia since the Cold War.

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