Ryback Weighs In on Triple H’s Dumb Joke About Paige

On the latest edition of Conversation with the Big Guy, Ryback talked about the controversial joke Triple H made about Paige where he said she might have kids she doesn’t know about. Paige has said in the past that she can’t have children. Triple H ended up apologizing for his comments. Highlights are below.
On Triple H’s joke being bullying: “That’s a joke typically you say about guys. I think it makes him look a little bit foolish saying that about a woman. How would she have kids she doesn’t know about? Pregnancy is a pretty, this is, I know it’s jokes, haha, and fun, but I mean, it’s a joke for guys, it’s about a joke typically used, for women, it comes off a little bit bullying to me personally. Which I’ve seen how he is within that environment, and I think it was a little slip on his part of Hunter backstage to Hunter in the media, and I’ve seen that all too often being there.”
On how a joke like that can have a lasting impact: “So now she has to deal with all this, and again, in social media and whatnot. I just think it was a f***ing bad move. Apologizing is the only thing, but like now, she’s gonna get, that could re-trigger comments for another f***ing year for her, on that, on the whole and all the bullshit, from all those losers out there. Why? To me, that goes deeper than just trying to get a haha joke, especially in her home country over there.”Click Here: ospreys rugby jerseys

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