Supr Food Plans Unique, Healthy Drive-Thru In Darien

DARIEN, CT — Finding a healthy option for a meal on the go can be challenging, but Supr Food, a sister company of the popular Green & Tonic, is looking to help out.

A unique drive-thru from Supr Food is coming to Darien and 205 Boston Post Road, the former site of Blue Wave Taco. The brand expects the drive-thru to be open sometime this summer, although an opening date has not been finalized yet.

Green & Tonic CEO Fausto Mieres likened the offerings to McDonald’s, but healthier and fresher.

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“We’re aiming for higher protein, lower fat, lower calorie burgers, clean ingredient buns, nothing that was done in a lab,” Mieres told Patch this week. “We’re trying to source from local bakeries, we’re going to have many gluten-free options, and we’re not going to deep fry anything. Our fries and sweet potato fries are going to be air-fried. None of our menu items will contain seed oils, we aim to use strictly olive oil. Everything is going to be GMO-free.”

Seed oil causes inflammation in the body, Mieres noted.

Find out what's happening in Darienwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

There will also be sides like fruit, as well as fresh juices and smoothies. All of Supr Food Drive-Thru’s packaging will be sustainability-focused, with paper, cardboard or compostable material only.

Mieres said customers can expect quick service.

“The idea is to help those who are trying to eat healthy in a pinch. If you have 10 minutes to make it to your next meeting or to make it home, or you’re going on a long trip, you don’t have to pass a McDonald’s and eat something that’s bad for yourself. You can go to a Supr Food Drive-Thru, and you’ll get a better-for-you product at the same speed.”

There are four concepts under the Supr Food umbrella, Mieres explained; the drive-thru; Supr Food Kitchen, which recently opened in Greenwich and offers a full menu of healthy options; Supr Food Vending machines; and Supr Food Meals, a meal delivery service.

Mieres said one of his first jobs was working as a manager at McDonald’s, so this new venture is nostalgic to him.

“It’s very exciting and fun. It’s something I loved doing when I was a kid, now being the CEO of this company, I want to translate everything I learned to this new team and hopefully keep everybody happy.”

The location is advantageous, especially near I-95 and on the Post Road.

“If you look at the Post Road. If you pass our location, you have all the national chains there. There’s really nothing healthy. I think giving this to the community will be a plus,” Mieres added.

The goal by 2025 is to have at least two to three drive-thrus in the area, according to Mieres.

The Supr Food brand is a sister company of Green & Tonic, which is expanding this year with new locations in Darien, Old Greenwich, Glenville and Stamford.

The theme is the same throughout, Mieres said.

“If we’re not making an impact then we’re not going to invest in it. We’re not going to feed somebody something that’s not healthy for them just so we can maximize profits — no,” Mieres said. “What we do is with an intention, and the vision is to help people who are trying to be healthier in a fast-paced environment.”

To keep updated with Supr Food and future openings, check out the Supr Food Kitchen website or follow them on Instagram.

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