T20 World Cup: Rain Dictating Terms

The T20 World Cup Super 12 stage is getting interesting as the race for the semis heats up. But one factor appears to be dictating more terms than others and that is the weather.Yes, rain has had the final say in as many as 4 games of the Super 12s and has also influenced the result in 1 game. So 4 matches have been influenced by showers.  


Afghanistan’s 2 games vs New Zealand plus Ireland along with England vs Australia did not even get to have the toss and not a single ball was bowled. South Africa vs Zimbabwe ended in a no result while Ireland was able to beat England thanks to the D/L method. So as many as five games were affected by rain.

The way things are going could affect the semifinal race and change the balance of things. After all, there is more rain forecast as the tournament goes on. Remember, there are no reserve days until the semis and of course for the final. 


So rain is in control and we may have more no results or shortened matches in the future. It will be interesting to see who is left standing. 


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