Tenacious Sound: Audio Hungary, Canton, Weiss, Audience. Plus Innuos, AVM, and Perlisten

Tenacious Sound had several systems at the show, including those in Room 325 and the Montrose ballroom. Sunday morning, I stumbled into the smaller room, where good sounds were being made by an Audio Hungary X200 integrated tube amplifier ($6499) powering Canton Reference 7K loudspeakers ($6995/pair). A Microsoft Surface Pro laptop streamed Qobuz to a Weiss DAC. Cables were from Audience.

In the big Montrose room, Tenacious’s Shayne Tenace streamed Qobuz from a laptop to an Innuos Phoenix USB reclocker ($3499) to an AVM PA 5.2 preamplifier ($5995) with the optional DAC ($695) and Phono ($695) cards. Power arose from an AVM SA 6.3 power amplifier ($10,495), which drove Perlisten S7t loudspeakers ($19,990/pair) and two Perlisten D215 subwoofers ($8995/each). Those Audience cables included Au24 loudspeaker cables ($4000), Front Row balanced interconnects ($3800 for a 1m pair), and Front Row power cords ($6700).

Playing my favorite warhorse, Kraftwerk’s Tour de France, this large system was meticulously clean and revealed bass drum overtones I had not noticed in my home system. Voices had lovely texture, and a superwide sound field made me sit up and pay attention even though, late in the show, my energy was flagging. The amazing voices of Stockholm Ensemble Villancico were revealed with good layering and imaging. To change things up, Tenance played Lee Morgan’s The Procrastinator followed by electronic rock by Big Data, who seemed to disappear via the mighty Perlisten speakers and those subwoofers, which I thought were well-integrated.

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