The Audio Note UK Room

Audio Note UK is one of those companies that makes entire systems, including cables, so that you don’t need to look elsewhere for compatible products—same-brand audiophile systems have the theoretical advantage of using components that were made to work well together. This can also, theoretically, avoid misfires when trying to match different components, especially those made by people who don’t share the same design philosophies, or just don’t listen to music the same way.

After saying “Bonjour” to Vincent Bélanger, cellist extraordinaire (above), the first thing I noticed about the all-Audio Note UK system in the Audio Note UK room were the speakers, the Blue-coned AN-J JD Hemp loudspeakers ($9000/pair) positioned in their trademark Audio Note, inward way.

The second thing I noticed? The TT-Three Turntable with its PSU3 power supply ($28,500), Three/II tonearm + AN-VX Cable 3 to connect into the phono plugs ($3750), IO I MC cartridge ($8000). I thought it looked fetching. Connected to an AN-S2L MC step up transformer ($2350) and the phono stage of a tubed, 20Wpc Soro integrated amplifier ($9000), and playing albums on the system by Roger Waters, Dominic Miller, and Elisapie Isaac, this all-Audio Note system made sound that was warm, radiant, with good impact and saturated tones.

(All prices in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted.)

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