The John Report: AEW Dynamite 11/20/19 Review

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The show began with a shot of the crowd in Indianapolis making a lot of noise along with “AEW” chants. The commentary team of Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur welcomed us to the show by going over the card while noting the main event is Jon Moxley vs. Darby Allin. Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks isn’t there after taking a table bump last week, but brother Nick is in action next.
Analysis: Congrats to Matt already getting a week off from a show that has only existed for eight weeks. It’s good to be an executive. I’m just teasing. It’s good to sell table bumps like that.

Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks, who blocked me on Twitter for some reason a few years ago (I don’t know what I said), made his entrance to a big pop and there were some Young Bucks “bucks” aka bills that were shot into the arena. Fenix made his entrance alone without his brother Pentagon. Good ovation for him as well.
Analysis: I think it’s a great idea to start the show with two exciting wrestlers like Jackson and Fenix. Smart move.
Nick Jackson vs. Fenix
The fans were cheering loudly even before the lockup. Nick with a shoulder tackle, Fenix with a dropkick and Nick did a backflip to avoid an attack. They left the ring, countered several moves and then hit a dropkick at the same time. The fans cheered their sequence of not actually hitting moves. Fenix with a springboard headbutt, then he showed his athleticism off the ropes and an armdrag that sent Nick out of the ring. Nick went back into the ring with a spinning kick, Fenix to the floor, Nick missed a diving attack on the floor and Fenix hit a Cutter on the floor. The fans chanted “this is awesome” for them. Fenix went up top and hit a senton bomb for a two count. Fenix walked across the top rope, Nick avoided it, Nick with three kicks to the face followed by a bulldog. Nick with a running knee strike for a two count. Fenix with a kick to the knee, Nick tried walking the ropes, Fenix went to the ropes with him and Nick hit a springboard hurricanrana off the ropes for a two count. That was incredibly athletic by both guys. They did another series of moves where they didn’t connect, Nick with a kick to the head and then Fenix with a huge superkick. Nick came back with a roundhouse kick, then a superkick and Fenix did a kip-up leading to a superkick! That was great. They were both down in the ring selling the attack. Fenix sent Nick to the ring apron leading to Fenix hitting a hurricanrana off the apron onto Nick onto the floor. Fenix walked across the ropes before his move. Back in the ring, Fenix missed a backflip, Nick with a kick to the back of the head, Nick off the ropes and Fenix hit a Cutter for a two count. They battled on the apron again, each guy hit a boot to the face, Nick with a roundhouse kick and Nick hit a stalling German Suplex on the apron. Some fan was so shocked by that he had his hand covering his face. Nick jumped over the top and spiked Fenix face first into the mat. Nick jumped over the top into a Destroyer piledriver. Jackson followed up with a Sharpshooter submission, but the form of the move wasn’t very good. Fenix crawled to the ropes to break the hold. Fenix with a back elbow, he sent Jackson to the turnbuckle, Jackson caught Fenix and Fenix countered into a pin attempt for two. Fenix jumped up with a superkick followed by a spinning kick. Fenix had Nick on the shoulders with a Muscle Buster into a slam for the pinfall win. The match went about 12 minutes.
Winner by pinfall: Fenix

Analysis: ****1/4 That was such an exciting match that was barely over ten minutes, but they made the most of their time. It’s not like they were out there grabbing headlocks. This was all action by two guys that make everything look easy. Fenix winning is fine because it showed again how willing Nick and his brother have been in terms of putting other people over. They are two of the best aerial artists in wrestling these days and they reminded us of that from the moment the match began. I thought the finish was booked well because it was one of those situations where they were each going for big moves, but not a lot of nearfalls really. When Fenix hit that finisher, it felt like it was the right time to end it. Terrific match.
Post match, Nick Jackson wanted a handshake. Fenix walked up to him, he looked like he was about to shake, then he didn’t and left to some boos. It was not loud booing.
There was a commercial for while promoting Black Friday sales next week.
Britt Baker made her entrance for a match. Hikaru Shida entered as the opponent and she’s 3-1 in her AEW career so far. Shida was #2 in the rankings while Baker was #1 in the rankings, so this was a match featuring the top two contenders. They barely have any storylines for the women’s division, but at least the rankings can add to the story.

Britt Baker vs. Hikaru Shida
They did a mat wrestling sequence of counters. Baker took down Shida by the arm, but Shida blocked a submission attempt.
(Commercial – It was split screen with Baker hitting a clothesline to take control followed by a suplex for a two count. Baker did a corner charge, Shida came back with forearms to the chest, Shida put Baker on the top rope and hit a running knee to the ribs.)

The full screen action returned with fans chanting for both women as Shida whipped Baker into the guard rail. Shida grabbed a chair, but referee Aubrey Edwards admonished her. Shida launched off the chair leading to a knee to the face of Baker. There was a bloody nose for Baker. Shida was on the apron, Baker punched her in the back and wrenched the arm into the top rope. Baker went into the ring, she hit the Slingblade and a pumphandle face first slam for a two count. Shida sent Baker to the corner, Baker moved, Shida hit the turnbuckle and Baker hit a pendulum DDT off the ropes for a two count. Shida came back with another rising knee to the face. Shida with a hip toss takedown followed by a backbreaker for two. Shida with a running knee strike. Baker reversed a pin attempt into a submission attempt, but Shida got to the ropes and Baker hit a swinging neckbreaker for two. Shida did a dreaded eye poke followed by an inside cradle. Baker wasn’t selling the eye poke as Shida hit a Falcon Arrow slam for two. Shida with another running knee attack right to the head of Baker for the pinfall win after ten minutes.
Winner by pinfall: Hikaru Shida
Analysis: **3/4 The match was okay with some big moves from each woman, but also felt off a bit. I don’t know if it was because of Baker’s bloody nose or what happened. Shida hit the running knee several times during the match, it wasn’t enough to win and then she ended it with another running knee. The women’s division is still severely lacking in terms of character development because it’s just match after match without much in the way of storylines. That needs to improve.

There was a video featuring a fat guy walking down a subway looking at his glasses, then two guys bumped into him and stepped on his glasses. The guy went on a subway, which led to a video telling the guy to “join us” for something bigger by gaining strength, they said we will be your biggest supporter and there is strength in numbers. Stop living in chaos and bring a new order in your life and join the Dark Order. Use #JoinDarkOrder and they will find you.
The announcers talked about with Excalibur saying that the Dark Order seems to be about helping people that are down on their luck and trying to give them something more.
Analysis: It was a way to try to give more info about the Dark Order stable. I thought it was very well produced, but it’s not that interesting to me. They needed to do that a long time ago to try to give something more for this stable. The actual wrestlers weren’t even in the video, so I feel like they were missing out by not including them.

The Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal is up next.
The entrances took place for the battle royal with “Hangman” Adam Page up first for a good pop.
(Commercial – It was split-screen time as more entrances took place for the battle royal. That led to entrances of Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy, Kip Sabian with Penelope Ford, Jimmy Havoc, Jungle Boy with Marko Stunt, Pentagon, Sonny Kiss, Joey Janela and Maxwell Jacob Friedman aka MJF.)
The full screen was back with Billy Gunn entering to a huge ovation. Gunn works backstage for AEW.

Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal
There will be two winners for this match and the winners have a match next week on Dynamite in Chicago.
There was somebody in a mask. It was Christopher Daniels, Pentagon was dumb enough to think it was his brother and Taylor dumped Pentagon out. Pentagon hit a suicide dive on Sabian on the floor. Kiss shook his ass in front of Gunn, who showed his ass (the former Mr. Ass) and MJF eliminated Kiss. Gunn was the biggest guy in the match since AEW has a short roster and Gunn is probably about 6’3”, so they attacked him and Gunn got everybody off him. Gunn eliminated Havoc and Stunt, who jumped on Gunn’s back and Gunn got rid of him. Havoc went back into the ring with a staple gun and he used it on several wrestlers including Gunn. Havoc even used the staple gun to the groin of Taylor. The referees made Havoc go to the back.

The match returned with several guys sitting down in the ring. The referees were talking to multiple guys likely to give them cues. They showed a clip from during the break of Janela on the top rope, which led to Shawn Spears coming out with a steel chair to eliminate Janela. Cassidy faced off with Gunn with Cassidy doing his stupid kicks to the legs of Gunn (the fans loved it) and MJF tossed Cassidy out. The fans booed that. Gunn argued with MJF, told him to suck it and Gunn hit a Fameasser on MJF. That drew a huge pop. MJF held onto the ropes to avoid elimination. Wardlow walked down in a suit, MJF raked Gunn’s eyes, Page with a clothesline on Gunn and Page eliminated Gunn. That was weird that they would have a face like Page eliminate a face like Gunn, but it’s fine. Page with clotheslines on multiple guys. Taylor was on the apron, Ford held his leg and Sabian hit a springboard kick to eliminate Taylor. Sabian got a kiss from Ford. Boy hit a hurricanrana on Sabian to eliminate him. Excalibur thought it was down to the last two with Page and Boy, but MJF wasn’t eliminated yet. MJF grabbed Boy’s legs to eliminate him because Boy went over the top to the apron.
Winners: Adam Page and MJF
That means Page will face MJF on Dynamite next week with the winner getting a diamond ring.
Analysis: ** It was fine for a battle royal. The poor announcers had to act like idiots by forgetting MJF was still in the match, but that’s part of telling the story. They had some interesting moments in there with Spears costing Janela to continue their rivalry while MJF was booked well as the crafty heel that made it and the classic finish with a heel finding a way to surprise people to last until the end.

MJF left with his jacked up buddy Wardlow, who was making angry faces and Page was in the ring. There were referees that made sure there was no fight.
The AEW World Champion Chris Jericho was backstage with his title with his buddy Jake Hager by his side. Jericho has some big announcement up next.
There was a replay of last week’s Dynamite when Scorpio Sky pinned Chris Jericho in a tag team match to end the show. It was Jericho’s first loss in AEW. Jericho threw a tantrum after the loss.

Let’s Hear from Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho made his entrance in his street clothes including a red/black jacket surprisingly with no scarf. Jericho had the AEW World Title on his shoulder and his Inner Circle buddy Jake Hager was with him. They got a good pop. Jericho’s a heel, so he’s going to turn the crowd on him with his words. The “SUCK IT VINCE” sign was on screen and it looked like Jericho noticed it.
Jericho told the fans to sit down and shut up because he’s got an announcement to make, so they booed him. That was quick in terms of getting the fans to boo him. Jericho said he was fined and had to pay for everything he wrecked last week on Dynamite. Jericho said that conduct was not conducive of Le Champion and he apologized…or at least tried to. Jericho said he’s “sincerely” and had trouble finishing his words, then said he’s “very, very, very” and “Big Hurt” Hager spoke: “He said he’s sorry.” There we go. Jericho said to show how “sorry” (from Hager) he is, he wants to make a big announcement.
Jericho announced that next week in Chicago he’ll finally get the “thank you” he deserves from AEW Executives and Time Warner Executives (I believe it’s Warner Media, but whatever). Jericho said that he’s sorry that it’s in Chicago instead of Indy, but then he added that Chicago has a hockey team and two baseball teams while Indy does not. Jericho said that next week, you can watch the celebration on Dynamite. Jericho said it will be the greatest celebration in pro wrestling history including games, prizes, maybe an aquarium, he’s sorry (thanks Hager) and said it won’t be in front of this crowd in Indianapolis. Jericho said, “adieu and goodnight.”

The SCU music hit as the So Cal Uncensored trio of Scorpio Sky, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian made their entrance in street clothes. They are also the AEW Tag Team Champions, but they didn’t have the titles with them. They entered the ring. The fans were chanting “SCU” so Jericho told them to shut up.
Sky said that it takes a real man, no a paragon of virtue to apologize and do something wrong. Sky said “but” you forgot to mention that Jericho threw that tantrum because not only did SCU defend their Tag Team Titles, but Sky pinned Jericho and gave him his first AEW loss. The fans cheered followed by a “you got pinned” chant. Sky said it was one of the greatest moments of his life, his DMs blew up, even his high school crush Melanie Parsons called him and they are going out next week. The fans cheered that. Sky said that it is thanks to Jericho. Sky said he’s a huge Jericho fan and he never meant to embarrass him.
Jericho told Sky he didn’t embarrass him. Jericho said that Melanie Parsons has gained a lot of weight since high school. Sky: “I like big butts and I cannot lie.” Great line from a greater song. Jericho mentioned Baby Yoda and talked about how Sky is a tremendous competitor, but he’s not in the league of Jericho. Jericho said he’s the greatest of all time and said he’ll have a singles match with Sky.
Daniels spoke up saying they appreciate that. Daniels said they need time to prepare like maybe a month or two months. Jericho said next week because it’s going to be Jericho vs. Sky in Chicago on Dynamite next week. Kazarian said if this match is happening, you have to make sure it’s “not” for the AEW World Title. Sky said he didn’t deserve a title match. Jericho said you don’t deserve it, Sky said no and Jericho said now it’s a title match. They shook hands, Jericho said it’s official and they had a staredown.
Analysis; The old reversal psychology tactic works in pro wrestling. It was funny how they set it up.

Sky said you may not think Sky stands a chance, but Sky has been waiting 15 years for an opportunity like this. Sky said that next week he’s going to take “Le Champion” and turn him into “Le Bitch.” Jericho hit Sky with the microphone to knock him down.
The other Inner Circle members Santana, Ortiz and Sammy Guevara entered the ring for a 5 on 3 attack. Santana handcuffed Daniels to the ropes, Kazarian was also handcuffed to the ropes. Michael Nakazawa and Brandon Cutler showed up to try to save, but the got beat up easily. Hager whipped Sky across the ring right into the Judas Effect elbow from Jericho. The heel Inner Circle group stood over Sky. Marko Stunt ran out for the save, Jericho hit him with a clothesline, Jungle Boy ran out for the save and Jericho knocked him down. Luchasaurus went into the ring for a staredown with Hager. They are both around 6’6” or so. The fans chanted “Luchasaurus” for this staredown and then Hager backed out of the ring like the heel that he is.
Analysis: That was a very entertaining segment overall. Jericho is so brilliant in these kinds of promos. Like I said earlier, the fans cheer him, then he turns on them right away and he always finds a way to make you care more about whoever he’s involved with in the segment. Sky did well with his promo too. The reverse psychology idea worked well. I liked the way they used Sky’s win over Jericho last week to set up a title match next week. It shows how important it is to win matches and that tells the fans that the match results matter. That should be an awesome match in Chicago next week. I think Jericho will keep the title, but there’s certainly some intrigue about what might happen too.

(Commercial – They showed the aftermath of the segment with Inner Circle leaving while the faces were in the ring. Jon Moxley was shown warming up backstage for his match. They also showed Darby Allin getting ready by putting on his face paint. Peter Avalon entered for a match.)
Peter Avalon was at ringside with Leva Bates, who had dinosaur books with her. Luchasaurus was already in the ring from the previous segment. Avalon did some weak trash talk to set up the match.

Luchasaurus (w/Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt) vs. Peter Avalon (w/Leva Bates)
Luchasaurus with a tail whip kick to the head. Luchasaurus picked up Avalon upside down and slammed him stomach first for the pinfall win in a match that went about 30 seconds.
Winner by pinfall: Luchasaurus
Analysis: No point in rating that squash. It’s a win for the big man who has been out of action, so it gives him some positive momentum. Avalon is just there to put people over.

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The Proud & Powerful duo of Santana and Ortiz made their entrance. They are 3-0 overall in AEW as well as 2-0 as a tag team. Private Party was next with a 3-6 record overall and 3-4 as a tag team. That’s not a great record, but they have been impressive.
Private Party put a Matt Travis shirt on the ropes with Excalibur talking about how Matt was a wrestler that was a friend of both teams. Matt was killed as a cyclist in New York City. That’s awful to hear about. This match is a tribute to their friend Matt Travis.
Proud & Powerful (Santana and Ortiz) vs. Private Party (Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy)

Santana did a waistlock takedown followed by some trash talk.
Ortiz got an eye poke on Quen to take control briefly. Santana tagged in, Ortiz held Quen’s leg, Santana with a Russian legsweep off the ropes, Ortiz with a DDT and Santana with a bridging German Suplex for two as Kassidy made the save for his partner. Santana with a backbreaker on Quen. Santana with a vertical suplex, then a delayed suplex with Ortiz tagging and Ortiz held Quen for a long time, then Santana went back in, then Ortiz went in again and hit a Falcon Arrow suplex. Quen was held upside down for about a minute or more before the suplex was delivered. Ortiz did the dreaded back rake to Quen. There was a double team submission attempt on Quen, Santana punched Kassidy and they went to commercial again.
(Commercial – It was split screen action with Ortiz hitting a leg drop off the ropes onto Quen. Ortiz tagged in with a Northern Lights Suplex for two. Ortiz continued the offense with forearm strikes to the face of Quen and Ortiz knocked Kassidy off the apron.)
The full screen action saw Ortiz slap on a bearhug on Quen, who got out of it and Kassidy got the hot tag. Kassidy with a hurricanrana on Ortiz, a dropkick to Santana on the apron, Kassidy with a kick to Santana, step up kick to Ortiz and a moonsault onto Santana on the floor. Kassidy jumped over the top rope into the Code Red somersault into a powerbomb, the ref counted and just stopped. Kassidy just looked at the ref wondering what happened. What happened is the referee counted two, then stopped at the three count even though there was no kickout and Excalibur tried to cover for it saying that Santana pulled the referee’s leg. Maybe that’s what was SUPPOSED to happen, but it did not actually happen. The fans booed that botched moment. The referee argued with Santana about it. Quen hit a somersault dive onto Santana on the floor. The announcers tried to cover saying Ortiz wasn’t legal, which his incorrect. Private Party tried one of their moves, Quen was selling a back injury. Pride & Powerful hit a popup Powerbomb leading to a roundhouse kick for two. Santana tagged in with a pump kick to the face followed by a Cutter off the ropes for two. Santana had a slapjack with the baseballs in the sock, but Nick Jackson ran to the ring to take it from Santana. Kassidy kicked both guys. Quen was back and they hit the Gin N Juice double team move (hurricanrana into a Cutter) for the pinfall win after 15 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Private Party (Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy)
Analysis: *** Good action with a mistake that hurt the match. I continue to be impressed by both teams in terms of their work and the amount of unique tandem moves they have. The heels Santana and Ortiz controlled most of the match, so it felt like more of a traditional tag team match. The referee stopping during the pin attempt spot really hurt the match because it fell apart a bit after that. We can blame Santana for it since he didn’t pull the referee’s leg, but it just looked bad when the referee stopped counting for no reason. The finish did work fine, though.
Post match, Sammy Guevara attacked Nick Jackson at ringside. Dustin Rhodes went into the ring and took out Santana, Ortiz and Guevara while using the cast on his left arm to take out the heels. Dustin and Nick raised the arms of Private Party as the winners of the match.
Analysis: Good to see Dustin back after the injury spot a few weeks ago.

Next week: MJF vs. Adam Page, Cody returns, Kenny Omega vs. Pac and Chris Jericho defending the AEW World Title against Scorpio Sky. It’s Moxley vs. Allin up next.
There was a video of Kenny Omega lifting weights and they didn’t have a lot of weights on the bar. Omega said he’s lost his marbles, but he claims that Pac took everything away from him when Omega lost to him. Omega added that Moxley picked up the scraps, so to speak. Omega said that now the powers that be decided that Kenny gets revenge against Pac and he can press the reset button. Omega said his path to redemption begins next week. Omega told Michael Nakazawa to put one more weight on the bar and it was maybe 15 pounds total.
Analysis: Lifting a small amount of weight is comical. Maybe it’s a joke because people think he doesn’t lift a lot. Omega vs. Pac should be awesome next week. Omega has lost more than people expect so far in AEW, but I think this could be the start of a winning streak and a bigger push for him.

The show returned with ring announcer Justin Roberts handling the introductions for this match scheduled for one fall or TV time remaining.
They showed a video of Darby Allin skateboarding and he had a body bag with “MOX” written on it. They also showed Allin in the body bag at a concert of some kind. He’s a unique guy.
Darby Allin made his entrance with several dudes carrying him out to the ring in the “MOX” body bag. They put him down and Allin exited the bag to make his entrance. Allin had his skateboard with him and skated down to the ring with the body bag with him. They showed some kids and fans in the cried that had their faces painted like him.

Analysis: That was a unique entrance. I like seeing stuff like that because it makes people stand out more. Allin’s a unique character, so it fits him perfectly. I saw Cody on Twitter putting over the fans wearing the face paint as well, which shows his popularity.
Jon Moxley made his entrance by entering in another part of the arena and walks in through the crowd. The fans gave him a big pop. I love the way Roberts announces “Jon Moxley” in an over the top way with JR joking that Justin may be over-caffeinated.
When Moxley got to ringside, Darby hit him with a suicide dive. They went brawling into the crowd with the fans chanting “AEW” for them. Allin jumped over the barricade and tackled Moxley when they were brawling in the crowd. Moxley put Allin on his shoulders and slammed him down. Moxley gave Allin a belly to belly suplex on the floor. They finally went into the ring to start the match.
Analysis: A fast paced start to begin the match. Smart move to give it the feeling of a fight right when it began.

Jon Moxley vs. Darby Allin
Allin connected with a dropkick. Allin went for a cross body block off the top, but it didn’t work because Moxley blocked it to knock him down. Moxley with a dropkick that sent Allin into the corner. Moxley tossed Allin across the ring.
(Commercial time was split screen. Moxley tossed Allin across the ring again and stomped on his hand. Allin charged, but Moxley caught him and hit a spinning backbreaker for two. Moxley worked over Allin with chops. Moxley with a back elbow to put Allin down again. Moxley stomped on the chest followed by a Cloverleaf submission attempt.)

The match returned full screen with Moxley turning he submission into an STF that grounded Allin on the mat. Allin managed to crawl to the ropes. Moxley managed to break free leading to a cross body block against the ropes. I think Moxley wanted to bump over the top, but he ended up staggering a bit and bumping to the floor. Allin was on the floor too. Allin with forearms to the face and he shoved Moxley into the steel steps. Allin with a dropkick to knock Moxley off the apron to the floor. They battled on the turnbuckle, Allin put Moxley’s fingers against the steel connecting the turnbuckles and Moxley shoved Allin off the top rope to knock him down. Moxley stretched the finger to sell the pain. Moxley with a suplex into a slam followed by a closeup shot of a woman in the front row with the Darby Allin face paint. The fans chanted “this is awesome” for them. They brawled a bit on the floor, Moxley grabbed the body bag and Allin hit a tope suicida (suicide dive) and Tony loved it. Allin brought the body bag into the ring. Moxley with a huge clothesline that led to a flip bump from Allin. Moxley put Allin in the body bag and zipped it up. Moxley stomped on Allin while he was in the body bag, so the referee made Moxley move back. The referee unzipped the bag to free Allin, which drew boos from some fans. These fans are weird sometimes. Allin made a comeback with a flipping neckbreaker into a Stunner. Moxley came back with a Bossman Slam. Moxley wanted his finisher, but Allin avoided it, Allin sent Moxley into the turnbuckle and got a rollup for two. Allin hit the Sunset Bomb for a two count. Allin went up top, he jumped off with the Coffin Drop and Moxley caught him in a rear naked sleeper. Allin countered into a pin attempt for two. Moxley went to the turnbuckle. Allin followed, Moxley bit him in the head and Moxley hit a Paradigm Shift DDT off the middle ropes! Holy shit! That was crazy. Moxley covered Allin for the pinfall win after 12 minutes.
Winner by pinfall: Jon Moxley
Analysis: ***3/4 I really liked the intensity in the match and the way that it felt like a fight from even before the match began. That’s how you build up excitement well. Whatever they were doing with the body bag usage didn’t really work. I thought it slowed the match down and they probably shouldn’t have even done it. I get that it is part of Allin’s gimmick, but using it in the ring in the match felt strange in a way that hurt the match. The finish was fantastic. I boosted my rating up a bit just because of how impressive that looked. Moxley getting the win was the right call and the obvious finish, but Allin impressed me again. You can tell the fans love Allin and even in defeat, he is winning over the people, which is one of the best things a wrestler can do. Great performance by both guys.

Moxley celebrated the win while checking on his fingers. It sounded like he said “broke his hand” at one point. Moxley spoke into the camera: “Who is at the top of the food chain?” Moxley continued his celebration with the fans cheering him while the announcers plugged next week’s big show.
Analysis: I am not sure who the next rival is for Moxley, but he’s on a roll and arguably the most popular guy in AEW. I think maybe they should do Jericho vs. Moxley at the next PPV assuming it’s in February or March. We still don’t know when it will be.

Three Stars of the Show
1. Fenix
2. Nick Jackson
3. Jon Moxley/Darby Allin

The Scoreboard
This week: 7.75 (out of 10)
Last week: 7.25
2019 Average: 7.72
Last 5 Weeks: 7.25, 8, 7.5, 8.25, 8

Final Thoughts
This week’s Dynamite gets an 7.75 out of 10.
It was another excellent show from AEW with an exciting opening match and a fun main event match too. There are never a lot of promos on this show, which gives it a different feel from other wrestling shows. The one promo segment they did was carried by Chris Jericho’s greatness and set up the Jericho/Sky match for next week. The mistake in that Private Party win over Proud & Powerful really stood out, so that’s something they need to work on. It looked bad and it hurt the match. There are still a lot of questions about who is feuding with who going into whenever the next PPV is, but I was still entertained by it. It’s a fun product to watch.
Next week’s show has some great matches set up already with Chris Jericho defending the AEW World Title against Scorpio Sky, Pac vs. Kenny Omega, MJF vs. Adam Page and Cody as well.

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