Tony Khan confirms ROH Supercard of Honor will take place, Warnermedia gives blessing for it to go head-to-head with Rampage


AEW booker and CEO Tony Khan confirmed today that ROH’s Supercard of Honor PPV will take place and he will be running the show. The show is scheduled to go head-to-head against Rampage on April 1 during WrestleMania weekend with Khan in charge.

On his regular weekly appearance on Busted Open today, Khan discussed the status of the Supercard of Honor PPV.

“It wouldn’t have been my first choice for the scheduling, necessarily,” said Khan. “In two weeks, it will be a crowded Friday of wrestling. I had not scheduled this pay-per-view, Ring of Honor Supercard, but I really think it’s important for me, because they sold tickets and made a commitment to the fans, to still do the show. I see it as a transitional show in many ways and I’m really excited about. It’s the first show under new management and a transition show for…I will relaunch what I hope to be a really great new Ring of Honor television product, a weekly series, wherever it does air or stream. This is a great opportunity to put our own stamp on it but also pay respect to the great Ring of Honor traditions and history with some of the top stars from recent Ring of Honor and great wrestlers who have been in Ring of Honor historically. Am I going to be able to take everyone from AEW and bring them there? No, but I think there is a cool way to use some of the great wrestlers in AEW who will be available and make this a great show.”

Khan also mentioned during his appearance that Warnermedia gave him the blessing run the PPV head-to-head with Rampage on April 1.

“It’s a unique circumstance because there is other stuff on TV that night, including AEW Rampage, said Khan. “It’s going to be unusual because I’m effectively in two places at once. It’s going to be a bizarre and hopefully memorable night in wrestling. I would never compete with my own show. It’s going to be a very different night because we’re making a one time only exception. I’m grateful to the great partnership we have with WarnerMedia. They’ve been cool and were open to me doing this, understanding it’s a great opportunity for AEW and potentially WarnerMedia in the future too, I hope, with the possibilities of the Ring of Honor streaming library with historic content and with future content. That I was able to get their permission to do this show, even though Ring of Honor, prior management, scheduled it to opposed Rampage. I am going to announce more for the card. I’ll make it the best card I can for Ring of Honor while still respecting AEW and our agreements with WarnerMedia.”

Prior to Khan’s announcement, the status of Supercard of Honor was up in the air in terms of who would be in charge of running the event, as the status of the ROH sale to Khan was going to take until around the beginning of April to be completed. PWTorch sources indicated that the remaining ROH staff had been unsure whether or not they would be running Supercard of Honor or if Khan would be prior to Khan’s announcement.

The only matches announced for Supercard of Honor so far are Bandido vs. Jonthan Greham for the ROH World Championship, Alex Zayne vs. Swerve Strickland, and The Briscoes vs. ??.

Supercard of Honor went up for purchase on earlier this week.

H/T to Fightful for the transcription of Khan’s c0mments on Busted Open today.

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