'Use Deo, Dye Grey Hair, No Religious Thread': Air India's Grooming Guidelines For Cabin Crew

The grooming policies for Air India’s flight attendants have been updated following a change in ownership by Tata. The newly revised guidelines recommend that male cabin crew members with a deeply receding hairline and balding areas change to a clean-shaven or bald appearance.

The airline has requested that its flight attendants adhere to the guidelines as soon as possible. 

According to anonymous sources from Air India who spoke to the news outlet ANI, hundreds of cabin staff members will need time to get used to the new rules.

“Air India is the only airline in the country serving the world for many decades. Representations and images of the crew are not up to international standards. The new management wants to change the perception of flyers,” ANI reported, quoting one of the sources.


“Bald look is allowed for crew with male balding patterns. Crew with U and V shape hairline on the crown, visible scalp, and large bald patches must keep a full bald look. The Head must be shaved daily for a clean look. Crew cut is not permitted,” the cabin crew handbook says.

According to the rules, men are only allowed to wear wedding bands. 


Bracelets worn by Sikhs as a religious symbol may not exceed 0.5 cm in width and are not permitted to have any design, logo, or stone.

The female cabin staff members have been advised to remove any pearl jewelry from their uniforms and replace it with plain, round gold or diamond stud earrings.

The following is also written in the rules that are put together and given out as the “Cabin Crew Handbook”:

“Unbecoming lounging in a group should be avoided, and decorum in uniform should always be maintained. Quiet conversation is always appreciated.”

Air India said in a circular in early February, “The cabin crew should not go to duty-free shops and should go straight to the boarding gate after immigration and security checks.”

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Nearly seventy years after it was nationalized, Tata Sons retook ownership of Air India in October of last year. The government chose the salt-to-software multinational as the winning airline bidder.

Air India will get 30 brand-new planes in December, including five wide-body Boeing planes. This is part of an effort to grow its domestic and international operations. 

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