Vickie Guerrero wishes she was part of Rey Mysterio & Dominik WWE angle

Vickie Guerrero is looking forward to seeing what happens at WrestleMania with Rey and Dominik Mysterio

Guerrero told The Whole Story podcast recently that she only wishes she had a part in the angle. She also said they have her full support. 

Guerrero said: 

My only reaction is that I wish I was part of it! I just think they are having so much fun. Dominik and Rhea have always texted me and we talk back and forth and they've always had my support. 

Guerrero said she was amazed at how much Eddie and Dominik looked alike when she saw side-by-side photos of them that Dominik posted to Twitter. 

She continued:

It was remarkable how much they looked alike. I told Dominik, 'you have this honorary position of having Eddie live in the storyline and you have my support.' He's so full of gratitude. And Rey, I love him and Angie.

I wish I was there to see it. They are doing a great job and I'm really happy for them and I want to see what happens at WrestleMania and see what they do with it.

Vickie Guerrero is set to officially leave AEW this July, according to a report from Fightful. She would later write on Twitter that the promotion had requested her to stay home from events. 

@aew requested for me to stay home and I am not at events…I have no doubts that the #viciousvixens @NylaRoseBeast @MarinaShafir will have the fans witness a destructive match against Riho!!

 She also posted a photo of her at an airport in Tampa last month with the caption, "Today a new journey begins… life is fulfilled with excitement and new opportunities."

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