Video: Nikki Bella Thinks She And Cena Will Get Married, Waiting For Proposal

As they continue to make the media rounds to promote the series premiere of their Total Divas spinoff reality show, “Total Bellas,” Nikki and Brie Bella appeared on “The Real”.

During their interview segment on the show, The Bella Twins promoted their new show, which also includes John Cena and Daniel Bryan and will air weely on the E! cable network. Nikki in particular spoke about how she is now of the opinion that Cena will eventually propose to her and the two will get married.

Having thought it was impossible for so long, Bella spoke about her anticipation levels being out of whack, so much so that she’s having trouble enjoying some cool moments she has recently experienced because she couldn’t help but think that Cena was about to “pop the question.”

“I mean, I think so,” Nikki said when asked if she thinks Cena will eventually make an honest woman out of her. “The past year, he’s actually talked about that he’s open to marriage so, of course, my hopes go through the roof. So, he’s like let’s go have this romantic dinner. I’m like ‘this is it.’ I feel like every moment I’m waiting for it. It’s been my birthday it’s been an anniversary… the holidays…”

Nikki continued, “I am going to Napa next week. See, I don’t want to get excited. Like I’m ruining everything because I get, like the perfect outfit. And here are those perfect moments and it’s like, ‘okay that was nice’.”

The series premiere of “Total Bellas” airs this Wednesday, October 5th on E!