VIDEO: The MJF/Sammy Guevara angle on AEW Dynamite was weird

The show-long storyline between MJF and Sammy Guevara was discussed on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Although it seemed as if Dabry Allin, Jungle Boy, and Sammy Guevara would be facing MJF in a four-way at Double or Nothing next month, Dynamite made clear that was not the case, instead establishing a tournament between the three that would see the winner face MJF.

“It looks to me like MJF and Darby in a singles match,” Meltzer said.

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Dave and Bryan were left perplexed by the show-long storyline in which Sammy Guevara was bribed by MJF to take the fall in their possible match at Double or Nothing, with Guevara seemingly accepting the offer. Later, MJF helped Guevara defeat Jungle Boy by count out in the main event, setting up the finals next week between Guevara and Allin.

“You’re promoting a pay-per-view with a storyline that the challenger is going to lay down for the champion in the main event,” Alvarez said.

“I did not like the idea of Sammy Guevara being bribed by MJF…it made the championship look not that important..the guy’s going to go out there and take a bribe to really go for the championship…how does that make the championship feel…not a fan of this at all, of that aspect,” Meltzer added.

Meltzer also pointed out that a lot of Wednesday’s Rampage reminded him a lot of WWE, though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“WWE does some very good things as well. But it did have that feel that it was a lot more talking, less wrestling, very WWE angles, some which were good, but still a different feel,” he said.

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