Vladimir Putin Secretly Living With Girlfriend, Children In Luxury Palace: Report

An investigative report by the Proekt, an independent Russian media outlet, has come up with a crucial update about their president Vladimir Putin. 


The publication has revealed that Putin is secretly living with his longtime girlfriend, Alina Kabaeva, on an expansive country estate, which features several grand mansions and a playground for their children. 

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Lake Valdai palace, Putin’s go-to retreat

Putin’s mysterious abode, Lake Valdai palace, is located between Moscow and St Petersburg and is considered his go-to retreat.

Lake Valdai Palace

As per the report, construction on the lakeside country estate, where Putin cohabits with his girlfriend and three unidentified children he shares with her, began in 2020. The mansion, nearly 13,000 square feet and built wholly of wood in the style of a Russian dacha, was ready in two years.

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Children spotted on the premises

The report also cited anonymous officials as saying that they had seen children on the mansion premises and that a few female relatives of Alina Kabaeva have also been spotted. 

The photographs, made public in the report, show chairs of gold positioned around a glass table and a spherical chandelier with golden leaves dangling from the ceiling. In contrast, Putin’s bedroom is more traditional.

In 2021, the team of the jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny uncovered the manor’s existence. He claimed that the property was built through a slush fund in Cyprus.

Putin and Alina go way back

Alina Kabaeva

The 39-year-old gymnast Alina Kabaeva is an Olympic rhythmic champion and has long been linked with Vladimir Putin. 

Putin, aged 70, fell in love with her early 2000s and purchased the $120 million property for her following his divorce from Lyudmila Ocheretnaya, the former first lady of Russia. 

However, Kremlin and Alina Kabaeva have repeatedly denied that she is in a relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Even before his divorce in 2013, Putin had brought Alina to the “golden house”, where he used to reside with his former lady. 

Notably, the new ultra-luxury wooden mansion is about 800 metres away from the “golden house”.

Moreover, Alina was designated to lead Russia’s National Media Group in 2014 by Vladimir Putin. She draws an annual income of about £8.6 million from the said assignment.

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