Voxativ Revisits its Roots mit dem Ampeggio

You may have now read as much German as I dare put into print, but you’ll likely read far more about Voxativ’s revamp of its first loudspeaker, the formerly discontinued, single 8″ driver Ampeggio loudspeaker (€25,900/pair), in the coming months.

“People kept asking for it,” Voxativ owner Inès Adler told me. “We’ve learned a lot in the 20 years since it was first issued, and have been able to optimize and specially tune the design. Yet we’ve managed to keep it at the same price it was two decades ago.”

In an all-Voxativ system that also included Voxativ’s network streamer with prototype DAC (€20,000) and T805 SET Vollvestarker 30Wpc amplifier (€35,900), the Ampeggio distinguished itself, on a track by German vocalist Judith Holofernes, with its beautiful and warm midrange and surprisingly deep reach. The system’s marvelous mellow core was equally seductive and lovely.

Voxativ is developing a field-coil driver speaker whose “warm driver” is expected to have, in Adler’s words, “a very special sound.” Given the special qualities of Voxativ’s old-is-new sound, I look forward to making the new speaker’s acquaintance.

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