Watch Golden Globes Host Seth Meyers’s Son Ashe Be the Cutest Hanukkah Expert

Though Seth Meyers revealed that he and wife Alexi Ashe are expecting their second child in November 2017, let’s not forget that the Late Night talk show host already has his hands full with little Ashe Olson, their 1-year-old son.

Meyers opened up about life at home with his little tot on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and explained that he’s hoping to use his phone less so that Ashe doesn’t become addicted to the wireless device. The host of the upcoming Golden Globes brought along a clip of the cutie that’ll melt your heart.

In the video above, Meyers explains how involved Ashe is in Hanukkah. “My wife every night would like the candles … and on basically the sixth or seventh night, he did the prayer, but just made one up, which is pretty impressive that he even understood that part of the lighting was the ritual of the candles,” he said.

Ashe looks completely excited as he makes up a prayer in the clip. “If you’ve ever been to a bar mitzvah, they’re about that good,” he joked.

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In addition, DeGeneres put Meyers through “award show boot camp” in anticipation of the Sunday’s Golden Globes. “The biggest thing will be hitting the right tone but also we don’t want to ignore the things that will be happening this year, so we’ll try to find that balance,” he said.

So what did she do to help him prepare? Meyers read from a prompter as she distracted him and also suggested he twerk, among other funny things.

Watch the full clip above.

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