Watch Niall Horan Choose Between Taylor Swift and Rihanna in “Who’d You Rather?” on Ellen

One Direction cutie Niall Horan is single and ready to mingle, and his friend (and apparent doppelgänger) Ellen DeGeneres is more than willing to help him find his next girlfriend.

Before knocking out a lightning round of “Who’d You Rather?” on Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the pair briefly discussed their uncanny physical resemblance, which Horan jokingly said leads people to confuse him DeGeneres “every day of his life.”

The 23-year-old crooner added that he doesn’t mind it. “I like it, I think it’s cute,” he admitted, while photos of him and DeGeneres in similar outfits splashed across the screen behind them.

“I think it’s cute too,” DeGeneres mused, before moving onto the next hot topic: “This Town,” the boyband alum’s solo debut.

“It’s a song, I’m guessing, about me,” DeGeneres quipped. “Because you’re single. So it has to be about me.”

And so the pair set out to find the Irishman the perfect girlfriend with a speed round of DeGeneres’s dating game.

In the first match, DeGeneres asked him to choose between Rihanna or Taylor Swift. Horan quickly chose Rihanna over Swift, and then again over Lady Gaga. Rihanna then fell by the wayside for Demi Moore, until he was presented with a choice between her and Selena Gomez. Horan stuck with Gomez over Demi Lovato but then ditched her too, in favor of Diane Keaton, which elicited a giggle from the crowd. The host seemed to find him true love in Ellie Goulding (a rumored former flame), after he chose her without hesitation above a slew of A-list beauties, including Rita Ora, Jennifer Lopez, and Kendall Jenner.

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“So if Ellie’s watching: There’s your guy!” DeGeneres declared, pointing at Horan.

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