Why Julia Louis-Dreyfus Missed the 2018 SAG Awards

Presenters Mandy Moore and Connie Britton accepted Louis-Dreyfus’s trophy in her place, saying, “Julia, we’re thinking of you, and we love you and we’re happy to accept that actor on your behalf.”

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See all the looks from the 2018 SAG Awards red carpet in our gallery.

But why did the actress need to miss out on the show? Her co-star Matt Walsh answered our question when he took the stage, along with the rest of the cast, to accept their ensemble honor.

“Julia’s in New York doing a play. That’s why she’s not here,” Walsh told the audience, explaining Louis-Dreyfus’s absence.

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The actress later Tweeted about missing the show. “I wish I could have been [at the SAG Awards] tonight but have to admit it’s pretty fun to watch in my pj’s. So honored to win. So proud to be a union member. So happy for my [Veep] bozos for winning ensemble award. Miss being at the table with you all. How was the chicken?” she joked of winning her ninth and tenth SAG Awards.

Louis-Dreyfus is planning to head back to work on Veep in August, and Season 7 will air in 2019. We’re happy to hear that she’s feeling well enough to get back to work.

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