WWE Monday Night RAW Results (8/15)

This week’s episode of WWE Monday Night RAW aired live from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, TX. This is the go-home episode of RAW before SummerSlam 2016.

– RAW opens up with video footage of Seth Rollins in front of the arena earlier today. Rollins says he’s calling out “The Demon King” Finn Balor. Rollins says Balor is scared of him, and he’s going to track him down tonight.

– Rusev is in the ring with Lana and says he’s taking over the show until Roman Reigns comes out. Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon come out to try taming Rusev, but they’re interrupted by Reigns. Reigns says he’ll get it on with Rusev now, but Foley holds him back and Stephanie says that won’t happen until SummerSlam. Foley ends up booking a non-title match between Rusev and Reigns later tonight so Rusev can defend Lana’s honor.

– Sami Zayn def. Sheamus: Cesaro is on commentary for this one. Sheamus controls the majority of the first part of the match and tries to keep Sami grounded. Sami briefly gets in the game with a clothesline, but Sheamus comes back the White Noise for a near-fall. Sheamus gears up for the big boot, but Cesaro distracts him and Zayn hits a big boot of his own for the win.

– Kevin Owens is in the back with Chris Jericho cutting a promo on Enzo and Cass. Owens says he’s going to beat Big Cass tonight to warm up for SummerSlam on Sunday.

– Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods def. The Dudley Boys: D-Von starts off against Xavier and quickly tags in Bubba. After a couple brief moments of offense on Xavier, Kofi and D-Von get the tags. Kofi quickly hits the Trouble In Paradise on D-Von for the win.

– After the match, Gallows and Anderson appear on the big screen and allude that they’re going to injure Kofi and Xavier just like they injured Big E. The New Day members cut a promo on Gallows and Anderson and say they’ll retain the Tag Title at SummerSlam.

– Seth Rollins is in the back looking for “The Demon King” Finn Balor. He asks Neville if he’s seen him, and Neville tells Rollins he’s not ready for Balor.

– Naya Jax def. Rachel Levy: Naya gets the win in yet another very short squash match for her.

– Paul Heyman is in the back knocking on Brock Lesnar’s locker room door, and we’re told by Cole that Lesnar has a message for the WWE Universe.

– Back from commercial, Lesnar and Heyman come out to the ring to kick off the second hour of RAW. Before Heyman can finish his first sentence, Heath Slater interrupts. Slater explains to them that he’s the hottest free agent in wrestling today, and seems to indicate that he wants Heyman to represent him. Heyman laughs at him, and Slater says he wants to beat Lesnar tonight so he can get a contract with RAW. Slater says he knows Lesnar will kick his ass, but he has to get a job on RAW. Lesnar takes the mic from Heyman and invites Slater in the ring to talk about his situation. Lesnar tells Slater he doesn’t give a sh*t about his kids he has to feed, and tells Slater to either walk away or get beat down. Slater goes after Lesnar but Lesnar drops him and hits some German suplexes for good measure. Lesnar hits the F-5 on Slater and rolls him out of the ring. Heyman gets back on the mic and promotes Lesnar’s match against Orton this Sunday.

– Big Cass def. Kevin Owens via DQ: Before the match, Enzo and Cass cut a promo about how they’re going to barbecue Owens and Jericho at SummerSlam. Owens works over Cass in the opening minutes after the bell rings, but Cass hits a couple splashes on Owens in the corners to come back. Cass goes to boot Owens to the outside, but Owens ducks and sends Cass out to the floor. Owens goes to powerbomb Cass on the floor, but Cass counters with a big back body drop. During the action on the floor, Jericho lays out Enzo then attacks Cass from behind. Jericho and Owens beat down Cass and stand tall over him to end the segment.

– The Shining Stars def. The Primetime Players: Darren Young and Titus O’Neil are back together as the Primetime Players with Bob Backlund coaching them. Young accidentally bumps Titus off the apron, which causes Titus to hit the ring and hit the Clash Of The Titus on his own partner. Titus leaves and Primo pins Darren for the win.

– Neville def. Jinder Mahal: Neville takes Mahal to the outside early on, and comes off the top turnbuckle onto Mahal with a corkscrew moonsault all the way to the floor. Back in the ring, Mahal comes back with a big boot for a near-fall. Neville comes back with a kick to the head and hits the Red Arrow for the win.

– Mick Foley is backstage informing Stephanie McMahon that Jon Stewart will be at SummerSlam. Seth Rollins walks by looking for Balor, and complains that he can’t find him anywhere. Foley suggests that he goes to the ring to call out Balor, and Rollins is on his way out.

– Back from commercial, Seth Rollins is in the ring to call out Finn Balor. Rollins complains that he’s insulted by Balor not showing up tonight. The lights cut out during Rollins’ promo and we get some sound effects and smoke. Balor crawls out on the ramp in his Demon King outfit. Balor and Rollins stare each other down in the ring and then start trading right hands and dropkicks. Rollins rolls to the outside and Balor lays him out with a suicide dive. Balor rolls back in the ring and stares Rollins down as Rollins retreats up the ramp.

– Gallows & Anderson def. The Golden Truth: Gallows starts things off against R-Truth and drops Truth with a big boot. Goldust and Anderson get the tags, and Goldust drops him with a spinning powerslam for a 2-count. Gallows gets the tag and they hit the Magic Killer on Goldust for the win in a short match. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston lay out Gallows and Anderson after the match. Xavier goes to hit Anderson in the groin with his trombone, but Gallows pulls his partner out of the ring for the save at the last minute and the heels retreat to the back.

– Charlotte def. Alicia Fox: Sasha Banks is on commentary for this one. Alicia starts off with a series of dropkicks for a two-count early on. Charlotte comes back and hits the Natural Selection for the win in a very short match. Charlotte calls out Sasha after the match, and Sasha heads down to the ring. Sasha hits the ring, but so does Dana Brooke. Sasha turns to face Dana, then Charlotte drops Sasha from behind. Charlotte puts Sasha in the Figure Eight while Dana Brooke stops referees from breaking up the hold.

– Roman Reigns def. Rusev: Rusev’s U.S. Title is not on the line in this one. Reigns takes the fight to Rusev before the bell even rings. Rusev mounts a brief comeback but Reigns drops him with a big boot and they brawl around ringside. The ref still hasn’t called for the opening bell yet. Back in the ring, Rusev goes on the offensive but Reigns comes back with a right hand and a Samoan Drop. Reigns hits a series of right hands, but Rusev ducks a splash in the corner and starts working Reigns’ shoulder. Rusev takes Reigns to the floor and works on his shoulder with the ring steps. Rusev beats Reigns down around ringside during the commercial break, then gets him back in the ring for a headlock on the mat. Reigns comes back with a suplex and goes for the Superman punch, but Rusev avoids it and drops him with a spinning heel kick. Rusev follows up with a series of flying headbutts from the second rope, but he can’t seem to finish off Reigns. Reigns dodges his last headbutt attempt and clotheslines Rusev to the outside. Reigns goes for a Superman punch on the floor, but Rusev kicks him in the midsection and rolls him back in the ring. Rusev goes for a big boot but Reigns catches him with a Superman punch for a 2-count. Reigns goes for a spear but Rusev catches him with two kicks for another near-fall. Rusev avoids a Superman punch and kicks Reigns again, then locks him in the Accolade. Reigns fights his way to the bottom rope to break the hold. Reigns avoids a clothesline from Rusev and comes back with a spear for the win. Reigns celebrates in the ring as RAW goes off the air.

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