WWE SmackDown Live Results (10/10): Hell In A Cell Fallout

The October 10th, 2017 edition of WWE SmackDown Live was the first episode after Sunday’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view, and took place at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI.

– This week’s broadcast opens up with a video montage recapping the Hell In A Cell main event, focusing on when Sami Zayn saved Kevin Owens from Shane McMahon’s elbow drop off the cage.

– New SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos make their way down to the ring to kick off the show. Jimmy and Jey step in the ring and cut a promo about their victory over The New Day at Hell In A Cell. They tell the fans they told them so, and they welcome everyone to the “Uso penitentiary.” The Usos say now that they’ve gone through the Cell, they want The New Day to come out to the ring because there’s something they want to tell them face to face. The New Day comes out, with Xavier and Big E still selling their injuries. The Usos say that them and The New Day are the best teams in WWE, and the other teams in the back suck. The Usos say things got vicious on Sunday, and they felt the effects long after the pay-per-view ended. The Usos say The New Day are the only other ones feeling their pain right now, and calls The New Day their brothers. The New Day asks if they’re trying to call a truce, and The Usos say they respect the New Day. They go to shake hands, but The Hype Bros interrupt. Mojo says The New Day and The Usos come out every week and take the credit and the spotlight. The Usos tell Mojo to stay on the sideline like in his NFL career, and then Gable and Benjamin interrupt. Gable says the Hype Bros need to get to the back of the line after losing to them. The Usos tell them to get to the back of the line too, and then The Fashion Police come out. Before they can say anything, The Ascension interrupts, but The Usos aren’t impressed by them either. Daniel Bryan interrupts next, and he thinks The Usos and The New Day for their incredible match at Hell In A Cell, but then asks them get out of the ring. Bryan instructs them again to get out of the ring, because we’re about to determine who will get a shot at The Uso’s tag titles. Bryan books the other tag teams in a fatal four way tag match, and that’s next!

– Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin vs. The Fashion Police vs. The Hype Bros vs. The Ascension: The winner of this one gets a shot at The Usos’ tag titles. Mojo and Konnor start off, but Ryder quickly tags in and drops Konnor with a missile dropkick. Viktor tags in and drops Ryder with a corkscrew uppercut. Viktor lays in some chops to the chest, then Gable tags in and takes down Viktor. Gable and Shelton use frequent tags to work over Viktor. Konnor tags in and he and Viktor double team Gable. Konnor hits a splash in the corner on Gable, then Viktor hits a flying knee to the face. Mojo tags in and cleans house, then hits a backbreaker on Breeze. All the teams comes in from the aprons and start brawling now. The Ascension shoves Ryder into Mojo and they start arguing again. Gable and Breeze start handing out suplexes to everyone in the ring, then they go for their double powerbomb on Breeze but Fandango breaks it up. Fandango goes for the Last Dance but misses, and Gable hits a moonsault on him. Gable and Benjamin hit their double powerbomb on Breeze for the three count to win.

Winners: Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable

– We see backstage that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn’s names are both on the same locker room door together.

– Still to come: Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura team up against Rusev and Aiden English in a tag match.

– Natalya is backstage admiring her Women’s Championship when she gets confronted by Lana and Tamina. Lana says the Title belt will look better on Tamina, and then Carmella interrupts with her briefcase and says she’ll be the next champ. Natalya says one thing they can agree on is they all deserve to be champion more than Charlotte. Charlotte walks in and Natalya gets in her face, then Charlotte hits Natalya with a right hand and everyone starts brawling. Referees come running in and start pulling everyone apart.

– New U.S. Champion Baron Corbin does a brief backstage interview where he says last night he shut up all of the keyboard warriors, and he shut up AJ Styles.

– Carmella vs. Becky Lynch: James Ellsworth is chained up at ringside in Carmella’s corner. Becky starts off with a double leg takedown and takes control of the first moments. Becky hits a T-bone suplex that sends Carmella rolling out to ringside to recover. Ellsworth acts as a human shield in front of Carmella, and Carmella swings around Ellsworth to cheap shot Becky. Carmella beats down Becky at ringside before taking her back in the ring for some elbow drops. Carmella tries to keep Becky grounded, but Becky grabs her and locks her in the Dis-arm-her for the win via submission after a short match. Becky celebrates in the ring, and Carmella rolls outside to recover with Ellsworth and her briefcase.

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Winner: Becky Lynch

– Corey Graves informs us that Sami Zayn will be giving an explanation for his actions on Sunday, and that’s next.

– Kevin Owens comes out to the ring introduced as “the victorious Kevin Owens.” His arm is taped up and he’s selling several injuries from Sunday’s Cell match. Owens says he sent Shane to hell, and he’s never coming back. He says the fans should count their blessings for that, and for the fact that they almost lost Owens too but didn’t. Owens says he saw the white light and felt his soul start to leave his body, but when he got to the pearly gates Saint Peter told him that the earth needs Kevin Owens. Owens says he was appointed his own guardian angel – Sami Zayn. Owens says he realizes his new purpose, and that’s to make SmackDown his own personal paradise. Owens then introduces his best friend, Sami Zayn. Zayn comes out to the ring and Owens asks him to explain himself to the fans, but first Owens thanks Zayn. Zayn says it’s him who should thank Owens, because Owens powerbombing Zayn on the ring corner a couple weeks ago is what woke him up. Zayn says he was sick of doing the right thing and waiting for it to pay off, while Owens never did the right thing and succeeded. Zayn says he remembers Shan McMahon recruiting him to SmackDown because RAW wasn’t giving him any opportunities. He says Shane claimed SmackDown would give him the respect he deserved, but that was the last time he ever heard from Shane, and he got brushed off by Shane a couple weeks ago. Zayn says Shane never cared about him or giving him any opportunity. Zayn says he did want Shane to beat Owens at first, but when he saw Shane go back to the top of the cage, Zayn knew he had to save his brother Owens because it was the right thing to do. Zayn says he knows Shane doesn’t care about SmackDown or his family, he only cares about himself. Zayn says he doesn’t hate Owens, he just hates the fact that Owens was right all along. He thanks Owens and they hug in the ring.

– Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Rusev & Aiden English: Rusev starts off fired up and backs up Orton against the ropes. The fight spills outside where Orton and Rusev brawl on the floor. Orton back suplexes Rusev onto the announce table, then on the way back in the ring English cheap-shots Orton. The cheap-shot leads to Rusev kicking Orton in the side of the head and Orton falling back out to ringside. English throws Orton back in the ring then he tags in. English continues beating on Orton in the ring and levels him with a dropkick. Rusev tags in and he takes Orton out to ringside again, where this time Rusev back suplexes Orton onto the announce table. Back in the ring, Rusev and English continue to take turns beating on The Viper. Orton breaks free from English and finally gets the hot tag to Nakamura. Nakamura comes in and cleans house, then delivers a series of kicks to English. Nakamura hits a couple running knee strikes on English in the corner. Rusev runs in and Nakamura stuns him with a kick, then Orton runs in and hits the RKO on Rusev. Nakamura hits the Kinshasa on English for the three count. Orton and Nakamura celebrate their win after the bell.

Winners: Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura

– AJ Styles is backstage for an interview where he points out that Baron Corbin did not pin him at Hell In A Cell. Styles says he’s the only Phenomenal One and this is the house that he built, and no lone wolf is going to take away his U.S. Title. Styles says tonight marks the “end of days” of Corbin’s U.S. Title reign.

– We see two masked, hooded men holding sledgehammers in front of a black background. They turn around and reveal themselves at Luke Harper and Eric Rowan. They announce what appears to be their new tag team name: The Bludgeon Brothers.

– Bobby Roode comes down to the ring to cut a promo on Dolph Ziggler. He says his victory at Hell In A Cell was glorious, until Ziggler attacked him from behind just seconds after winning. Roode says if Ziggler wants to fight, then let’s do it right now. Ziggler’s music hits, then turns off, and Ziggler walks out with no music or lights. Ziggler comes out to the stage and says he exposed Roode for being a fraud at Hell In A Cell. Ziggler says he dominated the match and was the better wrestler on Sunday, and Roode had to cheat by pulling his tights to score the pin. Ziggler says Roode proved he’s a cheating, but Roode says he just proved he’s smarter than Ziggler by finding a way to beat him. Ziggler demands a rematch, any time any place, but Roode says it’ll go the exact same. Roode says he’s sick of Ziggler talking, and if he’s done complaining for this week then Zigler should come down to the ring for his rematch right now. Ziggler walks towards the ring, but then decides against it and says he’ll have his rematch where and when he wants, and it won’t be tonight. Ziggler walks to the back as Roode stares from the ring.

– Baron Corbin is shown backstage showing off his U.S. Title belt to random WWE staff.

– Tom Phillips announces that Daniel Bryan has booked the Bobby Roode vs. Dolph Ziggler rematch for next week’s SmackDown.

– Baron Corbin (c) vs. AJ Styles: Corbin’s U.S. Title is on the line in this one. AJ ducks a clothesline from Corbin off the opening bell and hits Corbin with two kicks that send him falling out to ringside. Corbin paces at ringside to recover before sliding back in the ring. Corbin charges at Styles, but Styles ducks and pulls down the top rope and Corbin falls to the outside once again. Back in the ring, Corbin immediately takes the fight to Corbin and beats him down in the corner. Corbin rolls outside once again to recover, and he crowd boos him. Styles follows Corbin outside and Corbin throws Styles into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Corbin drops AJ with a lariat, then starts hitting him with knees. Corbin misses a kick and AJ starts firing back with right hands. Styles hits a flying clothesline and then a series of more punches and elbows. Styles kicks out Corbin’s knee then hits a running forearm shot. Styles goes for a fireman’s carry but Corbin escapes and rolls outside. AJ hits a running dropkick through the ropes on Corbin outside, and Corbin goes flying back over the announce table. Back in the ring, Styles springboards in the ring and hits a forearm shot. AJ hits a fireman’s carry into a backbreaker for a two count. Styles charges at Corbin, but Corbin catches him and hits the Deep Six. Corbin starts choking AJ in the corner, but AJ gets out and rams Corbin into the ring post for a two count. Styles goes right into the Calf Crusher on Corbin in the middle of the ring. Corbin fights out but he’s still selling the leg. Corbin fires off some elbow shots on AJ, and AJ strikes back with the Pele kick. Corbin rolls outside and AJ gets on the apron and charges. Corbin grabs AJ off the apron and throws him down to the ringside floor. Corbin immediately throws Styles back in the ring and hits the End of Days for the three count. Corbin has retained his U.S. Title.

Winner: Baron Corbin

– Renee Young gets in the ring immediately after the match while AJ is still laying, and she asks if Corbin has any words for the fans after his win. Corbin says he’s the champ and all of the fans have to eat it, and he loves seeing their tears.