WWE WrestleMania 39 night one live results: The Usos vs. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens

Date: April 1, 2023
Location: SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA 

Show Recap —


(I do not plan on recapping the entire 2-hour pre-show, but I’ll add anything notable.)

The pre-show panel took place outside the stadium with Kayla Braxton, Booker T, Wade Barrett, and Peter Rosenberg. 

There were video packages for Charlotte Flair/Rhea Ripley, Austin Theory/John Cena and for WrestleMania itself. Gabriel Iglesias joined the panel. He spoke about a few of the matches before speaking about how proud he was to see Rey Mysterio go into the Hall of Fame. 

Maria Menounos joined the panel, spoke about what a big fan she was and did her Dusty Rhodes impression which she said Ric Flair has asked her to do. 

Actor Rafael Amaya joined after a Rey Mysterio/Dominik Mysterio video package. Amaya spoke passionately about Dom disrespecting his family, but his back was turned to the camera as he spoke to the live crowd, so the announcers had to reel him in and Rosenberg pulled him back to the table.

Stephen A. Smith joined the panel and he was excited to be at his first WrestleMania. He claimed to be watching wrestling since the first WrestleMania. Booker asked if he would ever step in the ring. Smith said no but did say what a big fan he was of managers like Bobby Heenan and Paul Heyman and mentioned next year’s WrestleMania. 

Johnny Knoxville, wearing a Sami Zayn t-shirt, spoke to Cathy Kelley. Knoxville still can’t stand looking at Zayn and wasn’t convinced that he was a “good guy” now. He thought Kevin Owens would be pulled down by Zayn and the Usos would win. 

Nothing happened for like 30 minutes until Boxer Ryan Garcia joined the panel to discuss Logan Paul but he also wanted to talk about Rey Mysterio.  

There was a Roman Reigns/Cody Rhodes package earlier and the pre-show ended with a package and discussion of The Usos against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Time for WrestleMania. Enjoy the shows, everyone.


Becky G sang America the Beautiful.  

The WrestleMania intro included Kevin Hart.

It’s still daylight as the show is kicking off in L.A. The stage is very impressive looking.

The Miz and Snoop Dogg stood in the ring. Miz said he and Snoop had a lot in common. For example, Snoop had been in over 80 movies while Miz was in Marine 4, 5 and 6. Snoop was okay with this comparison and put over the fans. Miz plugged the two main events — Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley and the Usos vs. Owens and Zayn — before introducing Austin Theory. 

Corey Graves congratulated Michael Cole on announcing his 22nd WrestleMania, the most of any announcer.  


Cole mentioned the number of wishes granted by John Cena for Make-A-Wish and there was a video highlighting WWE’s history with Make-A-Wish. They cut to a bunch of kids on stage whose wish was to go to WrestleMania.

John Cena’s music hit and he embraced the kids as part of his entrance. Cena got a huge reaction. This is Cena’s 16th WrestleMania and Cole noted he was trying to win the same title he won in his first Mania against Big Show.

Austin Theory defeated John Cena to retain the United States Championship (11:19)

Cena was in charge early until Theory bit his ear. This frustrated Cena who complained to the referee and Theory decked him from behind. Theory used vertical suplexes, a blockbuster and a rolling dropkick for two.

Cena dodged another dropkick attempt and applied an STF, which really got the crowd going, but Theory again bit Cena to get out of it. Cena went for an AA but Theory slipped out and hit a DDT for two.

Theory held a headlock but Cena got to his feet and hit his usual comeback which delighted the crowd. Cena hit the five-knuckle shuffle with his bald spot in full view but they accidentally knocked over the referee as Cena had Theory in the AA position.

Theory tapped to the STF but the ref was still down. Cena let go so Theory followed with a low blow and A-Town Down for the pinfall win.

The crowd really wanted Cena to win so you can imagine how this finish went over, especially without any big nearfalls or anything. The match was ok at best.


Titus O’Neil joined commentary for the upcoming match.

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match: The Street Profits defeated Braun Strowman & Ricochet, Alpha Academy and The Viking Raiders (w/Valhalla) (8:29)

The Raiders got to show off before posing for the camera. This is normally where they’d go to commercial but instead, they were waiting for the replay to end so Strowman could take them out.

Chad Gable gave Strowman a crazy impressive Chaos Theory suplex and the crowd gave him an ovation. He yelled, “Thank you!”

Ivar tried a moonsault but Angelo Dawkins moved. Strowman followed with a splash on Ivar but everyone broke up the cover. Otis gave Strowman a World’s Strongest Slam. There was a massive tower of doom spot where four people held up Montez Ford long enough for Ricochet to fly off the top and knock the group over.

Strowman ran around the ring, knocking everyone over but Dawkins actually cut him off by hitting his own shoulder tackle. Ricochet then wiped out Dawkins and Erik with a shooting star press to the outside.

Ricochet tried an SSP in the ring but Dawkins got his knees up. Dawkins held RIcochet on his knees while Ford hit a frog splash, which looked great, and Dawkins pinned Ricochet. The Profits celebrated and the big crowd celebrated with them.

This was a very fun spot fest match and the crowd was really into it.


(I won’t mention it every time, but as usual, they are airing commercials after the matches.)

Xavier Woods was in the back with Liv Morgan, Butch, Ridge Holland and Tyler Breeze. Woods ran a simulation on WWE 2K23 which determined that Seth Rollins would beat Logan Paul.

Seth Rollins defeated Logan Paul (16:16)

Paul entered on a (slow) zip line and he was mic’d up to brag about it as he entered. There was a mascot dressed as a Prime energy drink who they focused on to take attention away from Paul who was removing his harness.

Musical composer Jasper Randall was on the stage to lead the crowd in singing Rollins’ theme. The audio was phony but the real crowd started singing once Rollins entered to his song.

Paul wore blue and yellow, Rollins wore all pink. The Prime mascot remained at ringside.

Rollins was in control for a bit until Paul chucked him from the ring and followed later with a Buckshot lariat (which they’re calling a Maverick lariat). Paul also punched Rollins in the stomach and the announcers noted the screw that was embedded in his hand.

Paul was in control but he missed a step-up moonsault and Rollins made a comeback which included three consecutive suicide dives. Rollins stomped Paul’s right hand into the steel steps (the same hand that’s knocked out Rollins previously).

Paul countered a Pedigree and they traded cradles until Paul punched Rollins with the right hand. It took Paul too long to make a cover and Rollins kicked out. Paul might’ve been going for a stomp but Rollins caught him and hit a sit-out powerbomb for two.

Paul was in danger so the Prime mascot pulled him out of the ring. The mascot ripped off his face covering to reveal that it was Paul’s buddy KSI. Paul shoved Rollins into the ring post and placed Rollins on the announce table.

Paul dove off the top rope but Rollins popped up and yanked KSI onto the table and Paul crashed through KSI. (This was clever because Paul was busy posing which is why he didn’t notice Rollins moved.)

Rollins pulled Paul into the ring and hit a Pedigree for a close nearfall. The crowd was on its feet.

Paul hit a Go To Sleep (which Cole called by name) and a frog splash for two.

Paul tried to do the coast-to-coast dropkick but Rollins superkicked him out of mid-air and followed with a curb stomp for the pinfall win.

This was a pretty fun match and the crowd loved it. They were very happy that Rollins won. (Paul checked on his dead mascot friend after the match.) 


Lynch, Lita and Stratus had a Sin City-inspired entrance.  

Six-woman tag team match: Trish Stratus & Tag Team Champions Becky Lynch & Lita defeated Bayley, Dakota Kai & IYO SKY (14:35)

The teams faced off before the match which led to the babyfaces removing the heels from the ring and the match started once Lynch and Kai were in alone.

Damage CTRL worked over Lynch until she made a hot tag to Lita who hit SKY with a headlock driver for two. SKY distracted the ref so Kai knocked Lita from the top rope and the heels took over again. Damage CTRL hit Lita with superkicks in stereo but Lita kicked out.

Lita dropped Kai and SKY with a double DDT before making a hot tag to Stratus. Stratus looked good taking out Kai and Bayley before hitting Kai with a neckbreaker for two.

Lynch and Lita assisted Trish in bringing Kai down from the top with a leg scissors onto her teammates. Stratus followed with a spinebuster for two. Trish and Lita did poetry in motion before Lynch hit Kai with a diving leg drop for two. Lynch applied a Disarmer but it was broken up.

Everyone traded spots including Trish hitting Stratusfaction and Bayley giving Stratus a Bayley-to-belly. This led to SKY knocking everyone out with a moonsault off the top to the outside.

Everyone brawled in the ring until Lita gave SKY a Twist of Fate and Stratus gave Kai a Chick Kick. Lita hit a moonsault on both Kai and SKY.

Lynch gave Bayley a Man-handle slam off the middle rope for the pinfall win. This was fine.


Bad Bunny joined the Spanish announce table for the next match and he got a nice crown response.

Dom’s entrance featured a video of him being escorted out of prison which cut to a live shot of him back driven into the arena in a prison inmate van. Dom had new entrance gear including a Rey Mysterio mask. He was escorted to the ring by four officers as he removed the mask.

Cole screamed about how this was the most ridiculous thing he’s seen and that Dom hasn’t earned the right to wear a Lucha mask. Graves told him to calm down.

Rey was driven to the stage in a low rider by Snoop Dogg to Eddie Guerrero’s theme. Rey’s theme hit as he exited the vehicle.

Rey was introduced as a WWE Hall of Famer. Rey wore red and yellow, Dom wore black and purple. Angie and Aalyah were shown at ringside. 

Rey Mysterio defeated Dominik Mysterio (14:30)

Dom tried to use his size at the start but Rey has obviously seen that before and he chucked Dom from the ring. Rey avoided a charge and sent Dom into the middle turnbuckle. As Dom was bent over, Rey removed his belt and whipped Dom in the ass with it. The crowd loved that.

Dom went outside and complained to his mom and sister. Dom grabbed Aalyah’s drink and chucked it in her face. Aalyah was about to jump the barricade but Rey stopped her and that allowed Dom to deck Rey and take over. Dom worked over Rey and caught his dad with a nice Michinoku Driver for two.

(Cole yelled that Dom wouldn’t be here without Rey and Graves responded, “I wouldn’t be here without my dad.”)

Dom got in his mom’s face so she slapped him and Rey drove him into the ring post. Rey kissed Angie. Rey gave Dom a springboard crossbody for two.

Damian Priest and Finn Bálor suddenly appeared at ringside.

It looked like Rey went for a seated senton but Dom flipped him onto the bottom turnbuckle which looked impressive and brutal. The ref quickly checked on Rey and they showed Bad Bunny reacting on commentary.

Dom went for three amigos but Rey slipped out after the first suplex and knocked him onto the middle turnbuckle. Rey hit a 619.

Rey went to the top but Bálor distracted the ref while Priest knocked Rey off the top.

Legado Del Fantasma ran out to even the odds and Santos Escobar wiped out Priest with a suicide dive.

Dom hit Rey with a 619 as the crowd booed. Dom hit a frog splash but Rey kicked out.

Dom exposed the top turnbuckle but as the ref put it back together, Dom grabbed a steel chain.

Bad Bunny took the chain away and Rey dropkicked Dom onto the middle rope.

Rey hit a 619 and frog splash for the pinfall win. The crowd popped big for the win.

Rey helped Angie and Aalyah into the ring and they celebrated together. (Dom, Bálor and Priest looked on disapprovingly at the Mysterio family as Cole said, “this is what Dom gave up for those bozos.”)

This was exactly what it should’ve been.


George Kittle of the San Francisco 49ers was shown at ringside. 

Cole said this was the first time in WrestleMania history that the match competitors, referee (Jessika Carr), and ring announcer (Samantha Irvin) were all women. 

Rhea Ripley defeated Charlotte Flair to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship (23:34)

Charlotte had the early edge which the announcers chalked up to her experience but Ripley took over and targetted the back. Charlotte tried fighting back but Ripley hit a German suplex for two. Charlotte came back with a backbreaker, clotheslines and chops.

Charlotte went for a flying crossbody but Ripley rolled through and tried a Rip-tide but Charlotte spiked her with an impressive-looking DDT for two. Charlotte tried a figure four but Ripley countered into a cradle for two before both women knocked each other down with big boots. Ripley responded with strikes but Charlotte cut her off with a fallaway slam.

Charlotte went up for a moonsault but Ripley ran up and brought her down with a super release German suplex for two. Charlotte came back with Natural Selection for two. Charlotte tried a spear outside the ring but Ripley moved and she went shoulder-first into the ring steps.

Ripley set up for Rip-tide but Charlotte hit a German suplex of her own. Ripley hit back elbows and a release German suplex where Charlotte landed right on her face. (They showed multiple replays of this.) Charlotte came back with a big boot anyway for two.

Ripley spilled to the outside the ring so Charlotte hit a moonsault to the outside. Ripley avoided a spear in the ring and hit a Rip-tide for a close nearfall. (The ref also avoided getting speared.) Charlotte tried a small package for two.

Ripley applied the Prism Trap (standing inverted cloverleaf) but Charlotte slipped out of it and drove Ripley into the turnbuckle, where they narrowly avoided colliding with the referee again. Charlotte hit a spear for a nearfall.

They traded forearms but Charlotte booted Ripley and applied a figure four but Ripley quickly got a rope break. Charlotte tried a fallaway slam off the middle rope but Ripley blocked it and drove her face-first onto the post.

Ripley hit a Rip-tide off the top for the pinfall win. The crowd popped huge for the win.

(Charlotte did the thing where she smirked despite losing while watching Ripley celebrate.)

This was paced like a big-time main event and they delivered with a really good match. 


A rare backstage segment tonight. Byron Saxton interviewed Austin Theory. Theory said he made John Cena believe and asked us “do you believe in Austin Theory now?”

Miz and Snoop Dogg were in the ring and Miz announced an attendance of 80,497.

Snoop said the only thing better than those numbers would be if Miz had a match tonight. Miz agreed and mentioned that he put out an open challenge all over social media. He wasn’t surprised that no one answered because everyone was afraid of him.

Pat McAfee entered. Cole freaked out while Graves was annoyed.

McAfee shook hands with Snoop. He said he lived on social media and he didn’t see Miz issue an open challenge. He wore his WrestleMania tank top and challenged Miz to a match. Miz said he would love to but he was the host and didn’t have the power to make matches. McAfee said his tiny balls were showing.

Snoop made the match official.

Pat McAfee defeated The Miz (3:37)

Miz yelled at Snoop as the bell rang to start the match. Snoop brushed him off and asked the ref to open the ropes for him to leave. McAfee went after Miz and hit a spinebuster.

McAfee knocked Miz from the ring and Miz wanted to leave. He shoved George Kittle on his way out so Kittle jumped the barricade and clotheslined Miz (which should’ve been a DQ). McAfee hit Miz with a dive off the top and followed with a punt for the pinfall win. McAfee and Kittle celebrated together.


It’s 11:15 pm ET.

The announcers ran down the card for night two of WrestleMania 39.

There were some commercials, a video package for the tag title main event and another commercial.


Lil Uzi Vert entered to perform a song ahead of the Usos’ entrance.

Owens entered first for his team, followed by Zayn. Zayn got a particularly big reaction and the crowd sang his song. 

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn defeated The Usos to win the Undisputed Tag Team Championships (24:17)

Zayn and Jimmy Uso were going to start but Jey Uso tagged in to start instead. Jey, with an assist from Jimmy, got the advantage over Zayn. Owens complained to the ref but went back to his corner.

After about five minutes, Zayn fought off both Usos and tagged in Owens who wiped out both Usos with a senton to the outside. Owens gave Jimmy a frog splash off the apron and a frog splash to Jey in the ring for two. Jey blocked a stunner and hit a lifting neckbreaker for two.

Owens tried a senton bomb but Jey got his knees up and Jimmy (who made a blind tag) followed with a splash for two. Owens dodged a Jimmy running hip attack, hit two superkicks and a cannonball. Jey tried to attack Owens so Zayn gave him a brainbuster on the apron. Owens hit Jimmy with a senton bomb for a nearfall.

Zayn raised his finger in the air and gave Jimmy an Uso splash for a nearfall. The crowd sang “Olé.” (Cole actually mentioned that El Generico would be proud.)

Zayn hit Jimmy with a Blue Thunder Bomb but Jey had made a blind tag and hit a jumping superkick for two.

Jimmy hit Zayn with a superkick, Jey hit a superkick, and they both hit superkicks but Owens broke up the cover. Jimmy sent Owens out of the ring with another superkick.

The Usos hit Zayn with a double superkick but Zayn just barely kicked out by rolling his shoulder up.

Jimmy tagged in and they hit double superkicks again for two.

Jey tagged in and they went for 1D but Owens tripped Jimmy. Zayn cradled Jey for two.

Owens wanted to powerbomb Jimmy on the announce table but Jey saved him. Jimmy and Jey gave Owens a double chokeslam through the announce table (as Zayn was down in the ring).

The Usos gave Zayn a 1D which seemed like it might be the finish but Zayn kicked out. Cole freaked because no one had kicked out of the 1D. The crowd buzzed.

Jey hammered away at Zayn who was not fighting back. Jey hit a Helluva Kick (or at least his version of one). Jey yelled at Zayn but Zayn grabbed him and hit an exploder into the turnbuckles.

Owens reemerged on the apron and Zayn made the tag. Owens gave pop-up powerbombs to both Usos. Zayn gave Jimmy a Helluva Kick while Owens gave Jey a stunner for a nearfall. The crowd is on its feet.

All four men got to their feet and the two teams hammered away at each other. Owens handed out superkicks but Owens ate superkicks and the Usos superkicked Zayn off the apron.

The Usos gave Owens a double splash but Owens kicked out.

The Usos superkicked Owens against the turnbuckle. They set up a big spot but Zayn yanked Jimmy out of the ring and tossed him over the announce table. Owens dropped Jey with an avalanche fisherman’s buster. Owens tagged Zayn.

Zayn and Jey were the legal men.

Zayn hit Jey with a Helluva kick and another. Owens dropped Jimmy with a stunner.

Zayn gave Jey another Helluva kick for the pinfall win.

Zayn and Owens are the tag team champions. The crowd erupted. Zayn’s wife was in tears. Owens was in tears. Owens and Zayn hugged.

Zayn and Owens posed with the titles as fireworks went off (I believe the first fireworks display of the night, now that it’s no longer daylight).

The crowd sang along with Zayn’s song as Owens and Sami posed with their titles.

This was excellent. 

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