Zac Posen to design airline uniforms

Zac Posen known for his glamorous, red carpet gowns is set to design
uniforms for around 20,000 flight attendants after signing a deal with
Delta Air Lines.

The deal will see Posen designing nearly all of Delta Air Lines
uniformed employees from flight attendants to airport customer service
agents for around 30,000 staff, as well as advising on the more technical
uniforms for Delta’s ramp and ground support agents, Delta Cargo agents and
Delta TechOps employees.

Set to be unveiled internationally in early 2018, the project will see
the designer not only designing for the female staff, but also the male
flight attendants and service agents, marking the designer’s first major
foray into menswear as he currently doesn’t offer it under his own
signature collection, however he is known for designing his own looks that
he wears every day.

There will be other challenges with the multi-year project, Posen will
also have to work with durable and fire-retardant fabrics that are
essential for the uniforms, and make them timeless and fashionable, as well
as being practical.

“Through challenges and triumphs, the Delta uniform has been a source of
great pride for generations of Delta people and continues to serve as a
symbol of our values and the world class service for which we’re known,”
explains Tim Mapes, Delta’s senior vice president – marketing. “With Zac’s
talent and expertise, and in partnership with Delta people worldwide, we
look forward to creating a timeless, fashionable and functional new
collection that will continue to be a point of pride and symbol of our
brand for the 170 million customers who fly with us each year.”

Zac Posen signs deal with Delta Air Lines to design uniforms

The partnership was announced in front of hundreds of Delta employees at
Industria Studios in New York, where Posen quizzed employees about their
style preferences and functional needs. The designer will also be working
with Delta staffers over the next few months to better understand their
specialised needs.

“I’m thrilled to partner with this classic American brand and look
forward to collaborating with Delta employees to understand their wants and
needs for the new collection,” said Posen. “Together, we will bring
everyday elegance and style innovation to the ground and air alike, while
making employees look and feel their best.”

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The new airline uniforms are expected to launch in early 2018 and is
part of Delta’s larger brand transformation and investment initiative.

Posen isn’t the first major designer to take on an airline uniform,
Prabal Gurung signed on with Japan’s largest airline group, All Nippon
Airways to celebrate the airlines 60th anniversary, while Vivienne Westwood
was criticised for her new uniforms for Virgin Atlantic for being
ill-fitted, and design duo KaufmanFranco redesigned American Airlines
uniforms with a less than favourable grey makeover.

Images: Delta Air Lines

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