138 UFO Sightings In CA Have Us Looking Skyward: World UFO Day 2024

CALIFORNIA — Whether you call them UFOs or UAPs, Tuesday is World UFO Day. Californians can step outside just after 8 p.m. to search the night sky for signs of otherworldly visitors. And if you spot something, remember, you are not alone.

The National UFO Reporting Center has cataloged UFO sightings since 1974, and with more information than ever, they are helping to debunk or admit sightings are unexplained and unexplainable…for now.

Since January, there have been 138 registered sightings of UFOs across the Golden State. Of the reported incidents, 52 have been explained by the center as planes, rocket launches, Starlink Satellites, or even “space junk.” Still, that leaves 86 California sightings that remain question marks, according to the center.

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Patch identified 15 of those UFO sightings, all including linked pictures, from California towns where residents are most likely to spot a UFO if they keep their eyes peeled, day or night.

1. Los Angeles: In 2024, over 25 people have reported sightings and strange phenomena over the land and the water. In mid-June, one witness saw a “shiny, bright and round disk” that flew “really fast. There was an aura or haze around the object,” they said. Another report came from nearby Malibu when a bright white light was seen “moving incredibly fast to the northeast. Faster than anything I could imagine!” the commenter shared. One year ago, readers say they saw “reddish lights flying in formation” over the Los Angeles night skies.

Find out what's happening in Palm Desertwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

2. Santa Maria: This year, only five UFO sightings were shared by Santa Maria area residents, but one is among the more intriguing. A resident posted a mid-day sighting on June 20 of a “cigar” shaped UFO/UAP that seemed to change color from clear to rainbow and silver. They recorded the incident on an iPhone,

3. Sacramento: The capitol of California has seen more than its share of UFO sightings. This year, another five sightings have been shared, as residents report strange lights, a triangle-shaped and square-shaped object, and even glowing green hovering orbs. In February, a Sacramento resident shared the story of “objects with a green glowing aura” floating above an apartment building. Two teenage kids were walking to pick up a package when they saw “specks of green lights above the apartment complex. Then, these two square objects appeared out of nowhere…just hovering,” their mother said. “They had a green glow aura with a green dot in the middle of them.”What do you think?

4. Santa Barbara: The dark sky cities of Santa Barbara and Montecito are ideal for stargazing on a clear night, making it a regular for Starlink satellite reports. Still, witnesses saw other unexplained sightings in mid-March. Two residents noticed a “bright round object in the sky.” Too big to be a star, filled with flashing white lights that were stationary in the dark sky, the residents went to their front yard to continue to watch it. It was silent, cube, or rectangular-shaped, as seen through binoculars. “After about 5 minutes, it slowly moved away from us and into the ocean. A friend and her husband who live several miles from us had witnessed the same thing in the sky about a week earlier.”

5. Indio: The dark skies of the California desert, plus the proximity to a military installation at 29 Palms, the Coachella Valley towns have always been a prime UFO/UAP sighting location. In April, a trio of NASA scientists claimed they were on a stargazing trip on an artificial observation hill when they spied an anomaly in the night sky. What they thought were weather balloons flew at wind speed toward the moon, then flashed with light. Those lights were “in a perfect ‘V’ shape or triangle,” he wrote. The scientists discussed how it was not possible they were drones, and a few minutes later, they saw a repeat performance, objects flying together, weaving closer then farther apart, “almost playful. Only a handful of people, myself being one of them, were still looking and saw this.”

6. Coachella Valley: This year, far more Coachella Valley cities have chimed in with UFO reports. Palm Desert, White Water, and Palm Springs residents and visitors have shared regular sightings. In March, in Palm Springs, a resident reported a “huge” dark V-shaped craft moving across the Western Sky over the San Jacinto mountains. Captured both on photo and video, he said it “appeared to occupy about two-thirds of the height of the Orion Constellation. The “V” shape of the dark structure was covered in “star camouflage,” he said. “ It was completely silent, with only the normal ambient noises of wind and nearby traffic. I realize now how easy it would be to miss such a sight unless one looked directly at it, as I fortuitously did. The experience was surreal yet unmistakably real, awe-inspiring, and unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”

7. San Diego: Numerous reports of UFO sightings have come in from San Diego cities, from Chula Vista to Escondido, thus far in 2024. One El Cajon resident saw an object that changed colors, moving erratically in small circles, the night of a June Starlink launch. Not part of the Starlink satellites, they witnessed colorful lights flashing as the object moved “erratically in small circles, wandering back and forth, with instant stopping.”

8. San Jose: Two unexplained San Jose UFO incidents have us scratching our heads this year. In late June, shortly before sunrise, one resident reported seeing a stationary bright light. “I thought it could be a star or planet until I noticed it changing and moving,” they said. Another sighting, days later, had a resident watching what they thought may have been a star, but it disappeared. “It was where Kochab (the brightest star in Ursa Minor) was supposed to be, but then it vanished.” They posted the disappearing star, hoping for some explanation.

9. Redondo Beach: What crashed into the sea? A photographer taking pictures of a sailboat race in March captured unusual footage of a strange “egg-shaped” object falling from the sky. He didn’t notice the falling object until he reviewed the photos later. “It had to be fast to be captured at 1/500 of a second,” he said. The image shows a dotted line of something falling from the sky across to the horizon at a rapid rate of speed. There was no indication of the falling object, or anything else, crashing into the ocean that day.

10. Solvang: “What is this?” That question drew a Solving resident to post their sighting on the center’s database. In March, while looking skyward, they saw three bright-colored lines appear in the sky. There was a colorful aura around the object, and it made a sound as it moved past. They posted a picture of what they could not explain, hoping for answers. What do you think?

11. Costa Mesa: All wasn’t quiet on New Year’s Day. On the first day in January, an Orange County resident saw lights in the southern sky, appearing about 7,000 feet up in the sky. “They were bright and right in front for everyone to see,” the witness wrote. This was not the first time he had seen the lights. This instance was bright, with an aura around the object and changing color. “I’ve seen this many times and have much footage,” he said. “This one was cool, though.”

12. Pleasanton: Could a recent sighting be due to the Livermore Lab? A resident in Pleasanton posed that question in late June when they shared a sighting with the center. They said a stationary object appeared “as a large circle in the sky. It was several thousand feet up, above a cloud layer” they said. “I read through social media and saw someone else saw a similar object. Also, note that the Livermore National Laboratory is in a neighboring city. I view things with a skeptical mind; however, I have never seen anything like this object to date! Truly strange!”

13. Bakersfield: Cycling orbs were spotted near Bakersfield this March. One person described a pair of red orbs that “seemed to vanish into thin air.” They were followed by single red orbs that appeared and moved, he wrote. The witness watched the orb as it “traveled south, at a slow rate of speed.” The behavior of the objects was strange, and they were low in the sky, he said and admitted watching that section of the sky until the red lights vanished.

14. Corona: This year, over five UFO sightings have occurred in Corona, according to the database. Three people witnessed an object floating in the sky in March. They saw two shiny silver orbs move toward each other before combining into one object. “They maintained that formation for less than a minute, then separated,” the witness said. “It was glinting in the sunlight” and did not seem like a weather balloon. But was it? Another UFO spotter in early June spied a bright light in the sky that “captured my attention” but disappeared instantly. Could this be similar to the sighting as the disappearing planet spied in San Jose?

15. Pacifica: In mid-June, just after 2 a.m., a young couple at Rockaway Beach noticed three lights forming a triangle in the early morning sky. They flew over the ocean from right (north) to left (south), blinking for about 20 seconds. The phenomenon lasted about half an hour and was a silent and “graceful movement through the sky.” Or, perhaps, it was a plane.

If you’re uncertain whether you’ve seen a UFO, the National UFO database offers some suggestions that may explain your questions. Otherwise, share your experience. After all, the truth is out there.

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