6/5 WWE HELL IN A CELL 2022 KICKOFF SHOW REPORT: Final hype for WWE Hell in a Cell


JUNE 5, 2022

WWE Hell in a Cell Kickoff Panel: Kayla Braxton, Booker T, Peter Rosenberg, Kevin Patrick

Kayla confirmed reports that Cody Rhodes recently suffered a torn pectoral tendon while weight training. His match against Seth Rollins will take place as scheduled. This message was delivered three times during the hour-long Kickoff show.

Video package: Belair (C) vs. Asuka vs. Lynch

Lawler said he’s been married three times, and that you never really know a woman until you meet her in court… or in a triple threat match. He wondered which woman would stoop the lowest to get what they want, and Becky Lynch was his guess. Booker said Belair is on another level since becoming champion. Kayla, as required by WWE scripting bylaws, pointed out that the champion doesn’t have to be pinned to lose her title in a triple threat match.

Video package: The Judgment Day

Peter said the Judgment Day is working together as a “real faction.” Lawler said that Edge is forming a cult. Booker said this is what the world has become, and cited the importance people place on having Twitter followers. Lawler said cult leaders start out very charismatic, like Edge.

Video package: Cody Rhodes / Nightmare Factory training

Video package: Omos & MVP’s Lashley diss track

Kayla said she isn’t a fan of MVP, but his track was fire. Booker declared this match the Shucky Ducky Quack Quack moment of the night. He compared MVP’s managerial prowess to Bobby Heenan. Lawler disagreed, and said that he’s so crooked they’ll have to screw him in the ground when he dies. Peter said he loves Lashley but Omos is too big, and the deck is too stacked against him.

Video package: Theory vs. Ali

Kayla said she respects Ali for returning from his absence and immediately setting his sights on Vince McMahon’s protege. Peter said when Ali left WWE, one thing he wanted was more appearances on PLE’s, and that’s what he’s getting tonight. The panel emphasized that the event is in Ali’s hometown, Chicago.

Video package: Moss vs. Corbin

Kayla said she’s invested in this match because she was in the ring when Corbin executed a chair attack and she was in the path of danger. She firmly rooted for Moss. Kevin said that Corbin’s jealousy over Moss winning the Andre Battle Royal said a lot about his character.

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Byron Saxton was in a sit-down interview with Ezekiel, who said his friends call him “Zeke.” Ezekiel said Kevin Owens is a tough S.O.B., but that Owens is underestimating him. Ezekiel said he speaks with Elias “sporadically,” and as kids they dreamed of being WWE tag champions. Byron asked if Elias would be watching the event. “I don’t like to assume, it’s not like I have the same brain as Elias, or me and him have the same thoughts, or I can just say something and it’s exactly what Elias would say because we have the same voice. I hope he’s watching; I really do.” Byron asked about his match against Kevin Owens. “I’m getting Zeked out. This is everything to me. Kevin Owens, in the short time I’ve been here, he has made my life hell on Monday night Raw. Every step of the way, the Zeke Freaks have been by my side, and I’m so grateful for that.”

Back on the panel, Kevin asked how one couldn’t like the youthful exuberance of Ezekiel. Lawler was incredulous, and said that Ezekiel is Elias. Booker commented on Ezekiel’s jacket from the interview and said he has no style. Kayla said that Owens’s first victory with the company was against Elias in NXT.

Video package: Rhodes vs. Rollins

Peter wondered what this match would be like for Rhodes with a torn pec. Booker said he’d advise Rhodes to live to fight another day. Lawler recounted a match against “Lumberjack” Jos LeDuc, who had a torn bicep – he said LeDuc “beat his ass all over that ring.”

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