Bernie back with a vengeance ? Come on…

If this latest rumor involved any other 86-year-old we would discard it as delusional hogwash, but since it’s Bernie Ecclestone, we’ll give the gossip a few days of life expectancy.

It all started with a tweet by BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson, who wrote:

“Interesting. Have also been told by a trusted source they expect Ecclestone to fight back v Liberty – with a breakaway series by 2019”

The tweet was an exchange with journalist Peter Windsor who, after inquiring earlier in the day about Ecclestone’s well-being, was told by an F1 luminary “He’s setting-up a breakaway series!”

On the one hand, it’s hard to imagine Ecclestone just living the good life day in and day out, without any sort of interest for the world he has been immersed in for over six decades.

But on the other, why on earth would he go through the time and trouble of setting up a rival series  in this day and age,  assuming he would even be authorized to do so by Liberty Media and Chase Carey?

While nobody can take wheeling and dealing away from Bernie, and while we do believe he’ll perhaps throw a few chips around to keep his business acumen in check, we’ll take a pass on the ‘breakaway series’ theory.

Although, stranger things have been known to happen when it comes to Bernard Charles Eccelstone.

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