Buy Marijuana Legally In White Plains At Cannabis Growers Showcase

WHITE PLAINS, NY — Even though New York made marijuana legal more than two years ago, retail dispensaries are few and far between because of legal challenges.

However, there is a location in White Plains — Cannabis Growers Showcase at 244 Main St. — that is open until Dec. 31 where people can purchase a wide range of legal marijuana products.

The state passed the Marihuana Regulation and Taxation Act in March 2021.

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Since that time the Office of Cannabis Management has licensed 270 adult-use conditional cultivators, 40 conditional processors, distributors and 23 conditional adult-use retail dispensaries, according to the state website.

The initial set of retail licenses was awarded to people who have marijuana-related convictions and who have owned profitable businesses.

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However, those conditional adult-use retail dispensary licenses are under a court injunction, which has delayed the process of shops opening, Raphael Bassalobre of Cannabis Growers Showcase told Patch.

Four military veterans sued the state for giving priority to people who had a previous marijuana conviction in New York over disabled vets and other groups, Spectrum News reported.

That lack of retail dispensaries, because of the injunction, leaves a lot of product that can’t be sold to the public.

Plus, the slow roll-out of retailers has allowed the gray market to thrive, which is a threat to the public’s health and safety, Bassalobre said.

Unregulated cannabis products can contain contaminants, such as E. coli, pesticides, heavy metals and salmonella, and often do not contain the advertised amount of THC.

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Bassalobre said the state came up with the Cannabis Growers Showcase as a way to “bridge the gap.”

One such location in White Plains is being allowed to sell approved cannabis products to the public.

“The Cannabis Growers Showcase at 244 Main St, is presented in partnership by Leafology NY and Statis,” Bassalobre said.

Both Leafology NY and Statis are conditional adult-use retail dispensary licensees.

They, along with other conditional cultivators and processors, have been approved to participate in a Cannabis Growers Showcase.

Showcases, according to state regulations, can take place in various locations, including standalone, temporary retail locations, licensed retail dispensaries or other approved event locations.

“While the Cannabis Growers Showcase is bridging the gap by providing safe legal access to New York consumers who may otherwise be purchasing illicit market cannabis,” Bassalobre said, “the ultimate solution is to accelerate the roll-out of retail stores.”

On Leafology’s website is a full menu of products available at the showcase, including pre-rolls, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles and tinctures. The store also sells accessories.

“We plan on converting this location to a fully licensed retail store once the injunction is lifted,” Bassalobre said.

For more information, check out Leafology’s website.

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