Christopher Daniels Says His Left Eye Has Finally Healed

Good news for Christopher Daniels.


The former AEW tag champion and ROH World Champion appeared on today’s episode of Being The Elite, where he engaged in conversation with the Young Bucks. Daniels revealed in the exchange that his left eye, which had been damaged over the years and was visibly red for that amount of time, had finally healed. The Fallen Angel doesn’t necessarily know how it happened, but is happy that it’s back at 100%.

A couple weeks ago, I had a checkup. I did basically what was an ultrasound on my eye, and it just started to get better. Yeah, pretty much, I feel better, 100%. I am. Just a weird thing. For whatever reason, it stopped, and for whatever reason it healed.

Back in April Daniels did an interview saying that he knew his in-ring career was coming to an end soon, but that he plans to continue wrestling as long as his body feels good. He has remained active in Tony Khan’s Ring of Honor brand. Check out Being The Elite below.

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