Drew McIntyre: “Things are coming together”

“It definitely crossed my mind. Things are coming together, and the final pieces, like something was missing since I came back to Raw. It was there when I was gone from the company. It was there in NXT. It wasn’t quite there since I came back. And I just wasn’t a 100 percent being myself. You know, I was very serious all the time. And I always say it’s very hard for the fans to relate to a 6’5″ hairy, gigantic Scotsman who’s scowling all the time. And now, I’ve had the microphone time and just loosened up and having fun. And I’m not necessarily a good or bad guy. I’m just being me. I’m having fun, and if I’m having fun, generally, they’re having fun. And I don’t care how they respond as long as they’re a good time when I’m out there. And if I’m in the ring, I’m still going to kick butt.”Click Here: newcastle falcons rugby jerseys

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