Emma On Her Massive Social Media Following, Falling In Love With Pro Wrestling

– WWE Superstar Emma spoke with Newshub on a number of wrestling topics, check out the highlights below:

On getting into pro wrestling:

“I fell in love with wrestling. I remember thinking that ‘There must be some way I can learn how to do this’ and I never snapped out of that mind-set. I found an independent wrestling school, learned my trade and just went from there – now I’m here in the WWE.”

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On being thankful:

“The roller coaster that is the wrestling world – the injuries, the matches that I will never forget, all of that is just part of the journey to where I become women’s champion and wrestle at Wrestlemania. At that point, I can look back and just be so thankful and satisfied with everything I have done to get to that moment.”

On having a large social media following:

“There are so many talented females on our roster, so yes, it can be hard to stand out, but in saying that I have one of the biggest social media following on the entire WWE roster. It has really worked for me recently because of my fans, the comments I had been getting from them made me react to it and you can see it’s really paid off in the last few weeks. It’s about time too, the whole ‘#GiveEmmaAChance’ thing is real. I mean when do I get my chance at the championship, I have never had that and it just goes to show how social media can help.”