Holy Buds Cannabis To Deliver Out Of East Farmingdale Warehouse

EAST FARMINGDALE, NY — Holy Buds is expected to open a cannabis warehouse in East Farmingdale “any week now,” where it will offer delivery service, according to the business.

Owner and CEO Matthew Hoey, also known as “Don Pope,” said the business is about “passion and lifestyle.” Hoey has been in the cannabis industry for more than 10 years and is dedicated to expanding and showcasing the “lifestyle” that comes with cannabis, he said.

“The bigger problem on Long Island is that there are too many bars and not enough engaging activities,” Hoey told Patch. “We blend our entertainment background with our cannabis expertise to provide some of the biggest and best experiences the industry has ever seen.”

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Hoey said Holy Buds aims to create a “cannabis-influenced entertainment community.”

“From studios and art galleries to video games and local clothing brands, we strive to support and build a community that offers safer alternatives and creative outlets,” he said. “Long Island is filled with bars, contributing to its high rates of DUIs and overdoses, particularly in Suffolk County. By fostering this innovative cannabis community, we hope to reduce boredom and inspire the public to create and engage more when they have free time.”

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The business will open with more than 10 drivers and expand as it grows to meet demand and maintain its ability to provide same-day delivery service within its two-hour time slots, Hoey said.

Holy Buds began in 2018 during a “crisis” in the cartridge industry when customers were “fearful of the safety products from other brands,” Hoey said.

“They trusted us to deliver the healthy, high-quality products they deserved,” Hoey said. “This location will be our first licensed dispensary in New York state, and we hope it will be the first of many. Our goal is to continually grow and expand within the industry, building on the success we have already achieved.”

A physical retail shop is the goal, according to Holy Buds. For now, the team is focused on delivery only.

East Farmingdale was chosen for the warehouse because its location aligns “perfectly” with New Yrok state’s regulatory requirements and the local town codes, Hoey said. The process, he added, was “quite an adventure and highly time-consuming.” It involved securing a property, awaiting local and state approvals — while paying rent — and transforming an industrial building into a “secure and exceptionally safe cannabis facility.”

“Despite the challenges, we are excited to contribute to the community and look forward to offering high-quality products to our neighbors here in Long Island,” Hoey said.

Holy Buds will offer delivery across all of Long Island. Certain areas will be subject to varying order minimums, according to Hoey, but the business plans to launch with no delivery fees. A valid ID will be required at delivery and must match the point of contact from the online order.

The business will start delivering once final inspections and system tests are complete, according to Hoey. Customers will enter their date of birth at checkout, and Holy Buds delivery drivers will verify their date of birth with their driver’s license at the time of delivery.

“We are dedicated to ensuring our security systems are top-notch, our website operations run smoothly for easy ordering, and that we have sourced the highest quality products New York State has to offer,” he said. “We appreciate the community’s patience and are excited to welcome you soon!”
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Holy Buds products are “proudly grown and made entirely” in New York, Hoey said.

“Each item is crafted by licensed processors and cultivators regulated by the state, ensuring compliance with rigorous lab testing requirements,” Hoey said. “Our team brings extensive legacy experience to the table, allowing us to source the products people truly want.”

Hoey said every part of opening has been “extremely challenging,” but that if it were easy, then “anyone could do it.”

Hoey said Holy Buds lacks the financial backing or political connections of other licensees on Long Island, citing his young age of 26.

“Additionally, dealing with judgments based on my past, despite the fact that the industry wouldn’t be here without people like us, adds another layer of difficulty,” he said. “One of the most significant challenges is the disparity between local town regulations and state laws, and their lack of understanding of how the cannabis industry truly operates.”

Hoey said maneuvering through the local permit process while maintaining rent, supporting employees, and managing his other businesses has been “particularly tough,” but Holy Buds is committed to providing “top-quality products” to Long Islanders.

“Cannabis is a remarkably social consumer product with endless health benefits, and it has truly transformed my life,” Hoey said. “Cannabis brings people together, fostering kindness, calmness, and love. It’s a natural, God-given plant, standing in stark contrast to the many artificial and processed products we encounter daily. The legacy of cannabis is rich and deeply rooted in community and wellness. It offers countless possibilities and uses that are continually being discovered. For us and our community, cannabis is more than just a product — it’s a lifestyle and a catalyst for positive change. This is just the beginning of what this amazing plant can do, and we are excited to be part of its journey.”

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