Jennifer Boysko Launches Congressional Campaign In VA's 10th District

HERNDON, VA — Democrat Jennifer B. Boysko, who was reelected on Tuesday to represent District 38 in the Virginia Senate, announced on Thursday that she was launching her campaign for the 10th District seat in U.S. House of Congress.

Boysko will be running to succeed Congressman Jennifer Wexton, who she worked with in the Virginia General Assembly. The 10th District represents Loudoun, Frederick, and Clark counties, as well as parts of Fairfax County.

The state senator plans to represent northern Virginia during the 2024 general assembly session, which runs from January to the end of April, a representative of her campaign told Patch. Boysko will participate in the June 18 Democratic Party primary to determine if she will be on the November 2024 ballot. She will make a decision about whether or not to resign from the state senate after the general election.

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In announcing her Congressional campaign, Boysko pledged to tackle the toughest challenges and fight to make a better life for Virginia children, women, families, and workers:

“Every day we see Republicans in Congress hold the federal government hostage, weaken America’s standing on the global stage amidst war and turmoil, attack reproductive freedoms, and divide Americans, rather than bringing us together to tackle problems and move our country forward.
“When I saw extreme Republicans putting their own interests ahead of the people, I stood up for my community, ran for the House of Delegates, and won. When Congresswoman Wexton fought to flip Virginia’s 10th Congressional District from red to blue, I was on her side fighting to win this seat. And I stood up and ran to keep Congresswoman Wexton’s state Senate seat Democratic, and make sure our Democratic majority protects Virginians’ rights in the General Assembly, whether it’s reproductive freedom, fighting the gun lobby, or combatting hate and division in our schools and protecting LGBTQ rights.
Click Here: “From the PTA to the state Senate, I’ve always brought people together to find common ground and work towards common sense solutions. In Washington, I’ll continue to build on the work of Congresswoman Wexton to bring a better future for our kids and make life better for Virginia’s workers and families. This grassroots campaign to fight for what’s right starts right here, right now. I ask for your vote.”

Boysko was first elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2016 to represent the 86th District. Two years later, she was elected to succeed Wexton as the 33rd District representative in the state senate.

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An organizer in Democratic campaigns at all levels, Boysko served as a PTA leader and advisor to former Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust.

Wexton announced on Monday that she would not be seeking re-election after her current term ends in 2024 due to a new medical diagnosis of progressive supranuclear palsy, which she described as ‘Parkinson’s on steroids.'”

Wexton, who has served northern Virginia in various roles for nearly two decades, announced this spring that she was battling Parkinson’s disease but hoped to continue performing her duties as she endured treatment.


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