Jon Moxley captures GCW World Championship, challenges Nick Gage to title match


Jon Moxley is the new GCW World Champion after beating Matt Cardona at GCW’s Art of War Games PPV tonight on

Cardona was set to face a mystery opponent, which turned out to be Frank The Clown. Cardona beat Frank quickly while holding up a new spinner belt version of the GCW World Championship, which he called the GCW Universal Championship.

G-Raver then came out with several druids to confront Cardona, but Cardona cleared the ring of them. One druid was left and he did Moxley’s mannerisms. He then took off his hood and hit Cardona with The Paradigm Shift. Moxley then hit Cardona with a second Paradigm Shift on a pile of light tubes to capture the GCW World Championship.

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Nick Gage, who had a confrontation with Moxley during WrestleMania weekend, made his way down to the ring. Moxley got on the mic and told Gage he knew where to find him inferring that he would accept Gage’s challenge in an AEW ring. Gage then got on the mic and said the match would happen in GCW where the glass, tables, ladders, chairs, and barbed wire was all real. Gage then said he would be facing Moxley in a Death match to conclude the show.

You can watch the replay of GCW’s The Art of War Games on

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