Kelly Kelly Says She Would Definitely Return To WWE

Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly (Barbie Blank) recently appeared on Steve Austin’s podcast and talked about a number of topics, including her time in WWE, her acting career and more. Here are some highlights of what she said about:

Her Time In WWE & A Possible Return:

“I feel like if they ever are like, ‘okay, Barbie, you have one more run in you’, I may do that,” she said. “I would definitely come back for maybe one more run. You never know. I’m still young and my body’s doing okay, so you never know.”

The Current WWE Divas Division:

“I love seeing those girls definitely come up to the main roster and kind of give a fresh, new look and kind of liven up the Divas division a little bit,” Blank continued, “I think Charlotte’s amazing and she was a big gymnast too, for a long time, so I love that she incorporates a lot of gymnastics into her moves too.”

You can check out the full podcast over at

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