Key Witness In Jamea Harris Murder Case Killed In Birmingham

TUSCALOOSA, AL — Sources have confirmed that a key witness in the capital murder case against former Alabama basketball player Darius Miles and his childhood friend Michael Lynn Davis was killed Sunday in a motorcycle crash in Birmingham.

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Jefferson County authorities on Monday also identified 24-year-old Shu’bonte Tyler Greene as the victim of the crash and told local media that he was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Greene is the second witness to die following the shooting death of Jamea Harris and it remains unclear what impact this could have on the cases against the two men charged with capital murder.

As Patch previously reported, video evidence shows Greene’s red Impala parked at a nearby apartment complex the morning of Jan. 15, 2023, before the Jeep owned by Harris pulled up to the scene of the shooting that resulted in her death.

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Just minutes before the shooting, Harris’ boyfriend, Cedric Johnson, could be seen getting out and speaking with Greene, who did not exit the car. However, during one clip shown in court during the preliminary hearing, an unidentified man can be seen getting out of the back of the Impala and retrieving an item from the trunk.

The shooting occurred at 1:45 a.m., less than five minutes after the exchange between Johnson and Greene a street over from Grace Street.

As Patch previously reported, Miles and Davis were both charged with capital murder following the shooting in the early morning hours near The Strip, but questions have been raised as to the possibility of who was acting in self-defense and the other circumstances leading to the shooting.

During the first year of the legal proceedings in the case, it was learned that Greene had an extensive criminal record and was behind bars in Jefferson County for felony failure to appear in court and receiving stolen property when defense attorneys tried to serve him a subpoena to testify during a pre-trial immunity hearing for Miles.

It was also previously revealed in court Greene told defense attorneys that one of the men in the Chevy Impala retrieved a shotgun from the trunk of the car in the minutes immediately prior to the fatal shooting on Grace Street.

Greene also said one of the other two unidentified men in the car with Greene that night had since died of natural causes in the months between the shooting and Wednesday’s hearing.

Jack Thompson is now the lone witness in Greene’s car the morning of the shooting who is still alive and, as Patch previously reported, the family of Jamea Harris recently added Cedric Johnson as a defendant to its wrongful death lawsuit against Miles, Davis and former Alabama basketball standout Brandon Miller.

Greene testified under oath in August, but proved a somewhat uncooperative and hostile witness who did little to clear the air regarding the circumstances of Jan. 15, 2023.

Greene explained that he had known Cedric Johnson for approximately 14 years and considered him family, but went on to say he did not know Jack Thompson very well.

During the immunity hearing, Greene confirmed that he and Johnson had previous gang affiliations — most notably the West End Money Gang.

Greene admitted involvement with the street gang, before saying that he and Johnson had become disillusioned with the gang and quit.

When asked about the day leading up to the shooting, Greene said he met up with Johnson and Jamea Harris at a barbershop in Birmingham, before the group decided to make the trip to Tuscaloosa — a busy weekend in the city with the University of Alabama playing a home basketball game that Saturday against LSU.

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After making a stop at Krispy Kreme, Greene said he, KeeVon Johnson and Jack Thompson then met up with Cedric Johnson, Jamea Harris and her cousin, Asia Humphrey, on The Strip.

Apart from Greene, at one point, allegedly confirming the details about the shotgun during a past interview with a private investigator for the Turner Law Group, no evidence has been presented that definitively proves that Thompson fired any shots during the deadly altercation.

Following both groups enjoying the evening at Twelve25, Johnson and his friends left at 12:55 a.m. before grabbing food at Quick Grill on University Boulevard, while Miles is recorded leaving the club at 1:36 a.m. and carrying a to-go box of lemon pepper chicken wings.

During testimony, Greene also denied that Thompson had a shotgun in the red Impala the night of the shooting and said that if he did, Greene didn’t know about it.

Following the shooting, Greene and KeeVon Johnson made their way to the Walk of Champions, where Cedric Johnson had parked the black Jeep after spotting a UAPD officer. During this time, Greene testified that Thompson got into the Impala and drove it away from the scene.

The Impala, which reportedly belonged to Greene’s mother, was reported stolen the next day and Greene was eventually arrested a couple of weeks later in connection with the stolen vehicle.

It’s also worth noting that when asked by defense attorneys if Greene notified police of the two other men with him during the shooting, he said he did not, saying he didn’t think it was important enough to mention.

The circumstances of Greene’s death remain under investigation.

The legal proceedings in the case are expected to continue on April 24 when Miles has his second bond hearing in the case.

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