Lyons Township High Says No To Block Schedule

LA GRANGE, IL – Lyons Township High School decided against developing a block schedule because no benefit could be found with such a change, an official said this week.

Earlier this year, the school formed a committee to examine a “modified block schedule.”

With such a schedule, students on certain days would have longer class periods. To offset that, they would not go to other classes on those days. The high school now runs on an eight-period day.

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At Monday’s school board meeting, member Michael Thomas asked about the conclusion of the committee that looked into block scheduling.

Leslie Owens, the official who spearheaded the effort, said the committee exhaustively looked at area schools’ bell schedules.

Find out what's happening in La Grangewith free, real-time updates from Patch.

The committee concluded the school should not go with a block schedule and that the committee should “dig into improving supports and interventions” within the current schedule, Owens said.

The committee’s research, she said, did not “definitively” show a benefit for students with a block schedule.

“We want to make sure anything that we put in place is rooted in evidence and that it’s giving our kids a benefit,” said Owens, the director of student services.

Outside the pandemic, the last time the school made major changes to its schedule was nine years ago.

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