Margules, Scansonic, Raidho, Viablue & RSX, and Tönnen Acoustic Do It Right

Bruce Ball’s AV Luxury Group, with a little help from his other distribution company, Ball Audio Distribution and System Solution (which forms what may be the world’s best acronym), and Dantax Radio set up two systems headlined by Margules electronics.

In the more expensive one, which included the US debut of the Raidho X2T loudspeakers ($15,500/pair), Ball and Julian Margules began with a recording I know very well, Sarah Vaughan and the Count Basie Orchestra’s “Send in the Clowns.” The system was filled out by a Margules U280 30th anniversary amplifier ($12,000), SF220 preamplifier ($8000), and new MS1 music server/streamer ($3500). Accessorizing were Viablue and RSX cables and accessories and Tönnen room treatment.

The midrange was gorgeous. Everything was gorgeous. That’s all I managed to write down. I spent the rest of the time listening, enjoying, and pinching myself at how good it sounded.

We also heard, for the third time at the show, Billie Eilish’s winning song from Barbie. “Great bass,” I wrote. On Clay and Kelsey’s “Three Little Birds,” I added, “Fabulous ambience.”

In the second room, I found the Margules I240 integrated amplifier ($7000) and aforementioned MS1 paired with a pair of Scansonic HD Q10 loudspeakers in Walnut finish ($19,000/pair) in a US debut. Cables and room treatment were the same as in the first room. Didn’t Julian play me Natalie Merchant’s “The Peppery Man” last time around? Doesn’t matter, I heard some beautiful sound with pretty darn good highs and bass that was strong if not 100% controlled.

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