Mick Foley comments on one move he wants “off the menu” for wrestlers


Mick Foley says that the German suplex should be taken off the menu for wrestlers due to the long-term damage it can cause. In an interview on Foley is Pod with Conrad Thompson, Foley discussed issues with the move when talking about the Wheeler Yuta vs. Daniel Garcia match from last week’s AEW Dynamite.

“It’s just, over time it’s going to wear you out,” Foley said of the move. “You couldn’t show the match that Garcia had with Yuta to any reasonable orthopedic guy who would say that what those guys were doing was not going to lend itself to a poor quality of life. (h/t to Wrestling Inc.)

“I did not let people throw me backwards very often. There would be times a guy like Rick Steiner would throw me whether or not I wanted to go, but I generally had a plan B. I just don’t like German suplexes. I think that over time they shorten careers and they destroy the quality of life. I don’t want to see any of us in wheelchairs. I don’t want to see any of us needing long-term care. I just wonder what it’s going to take for people to say, ‘Let’s take the German off the menu.”

Mick Foley is a multiple time world champion and WWE Hall of Famer.

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