Nordost’s Brand new Leif Series 3

Nordost’s entry-level “Leif” line of cabling has just taken a major step forward with the introduction of Leif Series 3 (“Leif 3”). Gauge and terminations on the entire Leif series—White Lightning 3, Purple Flare 3, Blue Heaven 3, Red Dawn 3—have been upgraded. Even the lowest-price power cable has increased gauge plus the welcome addition of a ground wire. Gauge size and number of conductors has increased, allowing compatibility with a broader range of components. Power cable prices range from $259.99/1m for Purple Flair 3 to $559.99/1m for Red Dawn 3.

Interconnects, too, have received a complete redesign. All cabling employs silver-plated solid OFC solid-core conductors, aesthetically improved FEP insulation, and mechanically tuned construction. Speaker cable prices are $474.99/1m pair for White Lightning 3 up to $1129.99/1m pair for Red Dawn 3.

It was great to reconnect at last with Nordost’s delightful head honcho Joe Reynolds. He and Nordost UK distributor John Carroll managed to meet the challenge of posing with the new cabling while projecting a semblance of a smile.

What’s next for Nordost? It may take a few more shows, but I’ll bet something delicious is poised to make its appearance.

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