Norwalk Breaks Ground On Heather, Lockwood Lane Storm Drainage Project

NORWALK, CT — Norwalk and state officials broke ground on the city’s Lockwood Lane and Heather Lane storm drainage improvement project during a ceremony held Tuesday morning.

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Speaking before a crowd gathered in front of a home on Heather Lane, Mayor Harry Rilling thanked Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff and the state Bond Commission for helping secure $5.1 million for the much-needed project aimed at mitigating flooding conditions on both streets.

“This is something that is going to proactively address the threats of climate change,” Rilling said, “by making sure neighborhood residents are equipped with sustainable and resilient infrastructure.”

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The project will upgrade the existing stormwater system and separate the combined sanitary and storm system into two systems.

The new storm drainage infrastructure will consist of 55 new catch basin structures, 30 new manhole structures and 5,000 feet of new storm pipes designed for a 25-year storm event, according to additional press materials provided by the city.

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Rilling noted some Heather Lane residents are forced to store sandbags so they can use them to stop water from getting into their garages and basements, further highlighting why the project is critically important.

“With the climate change and so many storms that are much more serious than we used to see, we are seeing a lot more flooding,” Rilling said, “and we have a plan to do everything we can to mitigate it wherever we can.”

The project will not only positively impact homes on Heather and Lockwood lanes, but also Byselle Road, Cory Lane, George Avenue, Jackson Drive and Katy Lane, according to the city.

Duff said the project was a great example of city and state officials working together to solve problems for the community.

“This has been a huge problem for a number of years [for] the people of Heather Lane and the people of Lockwood Lane,” Duff said, “and the flooding that they’ve had to endure because of heavy storms, because of the fact that things have not been upgraded as they need to have been to meet today’s standards, and this…is really through the effort of really so many folks.”

Duff thanked State Rep. Dominique Johnson, who represents this area of Norwalk, as well as Governor Ned Lamont and other state and city officials for their support of the project.

“This is a 100 percent state funded project that is 100 percent city initiated,” Duff said, “and it is important because it shows that the city and the state are working together to solve problems for the people we represent.”

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