Notes on Survivor Series Tickets, Men's Elimination Match, Paige's Return

— Even though ticket sales for WWE have been very soft as of late, all the events in Houston this weekend for Survivor Series are showing strong sales, with almost no seats remaining on the primary market. This includes the actual PPV and Raw and Smackdown the week after at the Toyota Center.

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— At one point last week, there were definite plans in place to have Paige be the fifth and final member on Team Raw. Paige was backstage on Raw, but at the last minute, everything was changed and WWE went back to their original idea of having Bayley in the match. It is not known why this change was made.

— It is expected that in the Smackdown vs. Raw men’s elimination matches that Triple H, Braun Strowman and John Cena are three guys that will be “protected” in the booking so they continue to look strong. Kurt Angle is someone else who is likely to fit into that group.

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