NWA Power results: EC3 vs. ‘Thrillbilly’ Silas Mason National title match

Joe Galli introduced this week's NWA Power from Studio One in Highland Park, IL. He and Tim Storm were on the call as Velvet Sky was feeling under the weather and won't be back until August's NWA 75.

The Brothers of Funstruction (Yabbo & Ruffo) defeated NWA Tag Team Champions La Rebelion (w/ Vampiro) in a non-title match

They all started in the ring at once and after a staredown, Yabbo started spraying the champions with his flower like any clown would. Neither man was phased though. La Rebelion dominated most of this match and worked over Ruffo for most of the match. Yabbo finally got the hot tag and took out Bestia and Mecha Wolf. The clowns kept fumbling into each other and almost kicked one another to give the champs the advantage back.

This is where Vampiro tried to get involved and close it out, but Ruffo tripped him from the outside and Yabbo rolled up Mecha Wolf for the surprise upset.

Ricky Morton (w/ Kerry Morton) defeated Koa Laxamana in a catchweight exhibition match

Laxamana started screaming and started talking about how much of an honor it was to be in the ring with a legend like Ricky. He then offered his lei to Morton to which Joe Galli commented, "I never thought I would see Ricky Morton get "lei'd." Interesting.

A couple of hip tosses by the Hawaiian Hitman started the match, but Laxamana was quickly distracted by Kerry on the outside. That was a trend throughout this entire match as it set up a Canadian destroyer by Ricky for the very quick win.

– After the match, May Valentine was in the back with Colby Corino and Samantha Starr. She pointed out how important each competitor was to the NWA since they were both generational wrestlers. Starr also hyped up her match against Kenzie Paige next week for the NWA Women's TV Title. Corino went on about the same thing and then hyped his no. 1 contender match next week for the Junior Heavyweight title. 

Zyon (w/ Austin Idol) defeated Rolando Freeman

This was Zyon's first Power appearance, but we did see him at the Crockett Cup when his manager Austin Idol turned on his son to side with Zyon. Zyon was towering over Freeman — even when Freeman was standing on the first rope.

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Obviously, Zyon started throwing Freeman around like a rag doll. It was also a good technical performance as Zyon was locking in all kinds of holds and switching between until Freeman got the ropes. He even bodyslammed Freeman so hard that his bowtie flew off. Freeman fought back into it for a split second, but Zyon caught him with a few backbreakers and a sleeper hold for the win.

– DLZ was in the back and caught us up on Laxamana being upset and The Brothers of Funstruction wanting a title shot. He also hyped up next week's Women's TV title match.

– Valentine was with the Southern 6. She asked about what just happened with Ricky Morton and Laxamana, and they really didn't answer it all. They just put each other over and said that he doesn't have to.

Natalia Markova & Pretty Empowered (Roxy, Ella Envy and Kylie Paige) defeated NWA Women's Champion Kamille, Ruthie Jay & and M95 (Madi and Missa Kate)

The heels were out first and they clearly did not want to team with Markova as Galli suggested they were being jealous of Markova getting the title shot at NWA 75.

Markova and Kamille started by pushing each other, but Envy tagged herself in. Kamille dominated Envy though as she got a two-count around one minute into the match. Each woman then took their turn getting their moves in. It ended with Roxy and Jay in the ring and Roxy hitting a Canadian destroyer for the surprise win.

– May Valentine was with the U.S. Tag Team Champions The Country Gentlemen. They hyped up the US Tag Team Challenge in a few weeks.

EC3 defeated "Thrillbilly" Silas Mason (w/ Pollo Del Mar) to retain the NWA National Heavyweight Title

Mason was locked in and came in with a full head of steam. He got the early offense in with chops and work in the corner. EC3 got to the point where he wanted to walk out on the match, but it ended up just being bait that Mason did not take. EC3 still turned it around with his own corner work. Both men were working dirty using the ropes and heel tactics behind the ref's back. Mason went for a surprise Thrillride off the ropes but EC3 turned it into a One Percenter and actually hit two of them. 

Mason kicked out, however, and EC3 went outside of the ring to grab his belt. Del Mar entered the ring and tried to stop him. Mason threw her out of the way violently and EC3 used the belt behind the ref's back for the pin and three count. 

After the match, EC3 was celebrating with the title but in an instant, he dropped the title and walked out. Apparently this was him relinquishing the title to get a NWA World title shot at Tyrus at NWA 75 which Galli noted was the main event.

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