NWA Power results: Kerry Morton defends the Junior Heavyweight title

Tuesday's edition of NWA Power was the third consecutive show from the Highland Park, IL tapings. Joe Galli and Tim Storm got right into the action.

Carnage (w/ Aron Stevens) defeated Jax Dane (w/ Chris Silvio Esq.) by countout

Usually, when you start a show with two guys in the ring, you would want them to get going fast and get the crowd excited. These two thought they should do the opposite by staring at each other and locking in rest holds. They started fighting on the outside where Carnage really took advantage. A snap slam actually got a near fall only about three minutes into the match.

Dane kicked out and countered Carnage and when he went for a spear, Stevens held his leg. Dane moved to the outside and tried to attack Stevens but when Carnage distracted him and the ref, Dane got hit with Stevens' loaded glove. Dane looked extremely dizzy and couldn't return to the ring for the 10 count. He then got into announcer Tim Storm's face after the match for some reason. Storm later talked about how he and Dane had a history but that's all it was.

Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch defeated Russ Jones & Schaff

This was just all about putting Knox and Murdoch over. The entirety of the commentary was about how they won the Crockett Cup and are the "best tag team in the world." Jones and Schaff are actually the AAW Tag Team Champions and the commentary made sure to explain that. It created a weird dynamic where they were trying to get both of these teams over in different ways which didn't really help either of them. 

The Cup winners were still in control for most of it, using their size and teamwork to cut off the ring. Murdoch got the pop-up spinebuster for a near fall, but Schaff broke it up. Knox then hit his own pop-up spinebuster to set up Jones for the high-low and the pin.

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– May Valentine was with Mims, asking how he was going to handle Chris Silvio Esq. at ringside tonight for his match with Troop. He then cut a whole promo about how scary his opponent was and how he wasn't going to back down to him or anybody else.

Blake Troop (w/ Chris Silvio Esq.) defeated Mims by referee's decision

Troop's whole gimmick is that he's an MMA fighter as well as being a professional wrestler. That is true, but for this specific match, the storyline was that he had a jiu-jitsu tournament over the weekend and he injured his ribs, which were still taped up.

This was a pretty slow match that was smooth for the most part. They went back and forth until Troop locked in a kneebar that looked excruciating. Mims was able to get the ropes, but Troop left it in as long as he could. They kept going back and forth until Mims locked in a bear hug. Troop went for Mims' eyes to get out and locked in the kneebar again. Mims was screaming in pain and he was reaching for the ropes when he passed out from the pain.

– Eric Jackson was the lucky man to get interviewed by Valentine next. She asked about his tag team match for next week. Jackson put his tag team partner (Robert Anthony) over until Fodder interrupted and put himself over, saying he destroys anyone in the ring.

Jordan Clearwater & Odinson defeated U.S. Tag Team Champions The Country Gentlemen (AJ Cazana & Anthony Andrews) in a non-title match

So, last week we found out the two teams that are gonna face each other at next month's PPV for a shot at these titles. This week, the champions lost a non-title match to two guys that have never teamed together? This immediately made me not care. 

Clearwater and Odinson even had an argument about who would start. Cazana started the match for the champions and got a quick advantage. The champs cut off the ring on Clearwater and they dominated. Odinson finally got into the match and turned things around. They cut off the ring on Cazana until he hit a lariat for the Andrews hot tag. He ran wild on both men with some crazy power moves, throwing Clearwater and Odinson around like they were dolls. Odinson regained the advantage and pounced him mid-air.

They rid the ring of Cazana and set up Andrews for another pounce and the clean win. So, again, a team that has never tagged before just beat the champions clean a week after the champions got their PPV match.

– This week's edition of DLZ was just a quick run-down recap of everything that's happened in the past few weeks. It seems like a thing that the locker room has a lot of fun with but he talks so fast you can't understand anything he's saying. But I'll take his word for it!

– May Valentine checked in with Dak Draper who was making sure that his friend Mims was okay as he went to the hospital with a bad hamstring injury. But next week, Draper is facing off against Damage and Chris Adonis in a three-way, which should be pretty exciting. Draper talked about how this was his big opportunity to prove he is worthy of the now-vacant NWA National Championship. But he started the promo by saying, "May, what does NWA stand for?' After she said the correct answer, he said, "No, May. It stands for opportunity." What?

NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Kerry Morton (w/ Ricky Morton) defeated Matt Vine to retain

Morton made his way to the ring and told the commentary team to acknowledge the champion. He is really exceptional at being a heel. They started the match quickly with a tie-up, quickly into running the ropes, and a shoulder tackle by Vine. Morton locked in another submission hold and started jawing with Storm — the second wrestler of the night to have a problem with the former NWA World Champion.

They kept the pace high with mostly Morton on offense, using the ropes and targeting the right leg of Vine. Vine took advantage of Morton showboating and hit a clean uranage. Morton rolled out of the ring to his dad, who surprisingly didn't interfere, and then connected with the Showstopper for the win. I believe it's official now that Colby Corino will take on Kerry Morton for the title at NWA 75, but you never know with this company.

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