Owners Of 'Badmash Dog House' In Dehradun Strave Dog To Death; Probe Underway

Dog shelters and creches are considered safe spaces for pets. They are meant to provide a safe environment for domesticated animals and ensure their well-being by fulfilling their needs.

But what if the protector doesn’t abide by his duty?

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The animal suffers and, in the worst case, could succumb to negligence. A shocking incident from Dehradun has turned the worst nightmare of pet lovers true.

On Wednesday, the cops in the city charged a couple who own a creche for starving a client’s dog to death. 

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Pet owner had adopted dog from roadside

Aman Saini and his wife Sneha Saini have been booked on charges of “committing mischief by killing an animal and treating animals cruelly” under IPC section 429 and section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act on the complaint of Anchal Raturi. 

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The 21-year-old pet owner Raturi told Times Of India that she had adopted the dog named ‘Babli’ in July from the roadside in Jogiwala area of Dehradun.


“It was a stray. I took it to the vet for treatment first and kept it with me for a few days before taking it to the couple’s creche named ‘Badmash Dog House’ as I was going to travel for work for a few months. I had handed it over to them in August before telling them that I will take it back after four months,” Raturi said. 

During Babli’s stay at the creche, Raturi regularly enquired about the dog. To which the pet house owners used to reply that Babli was doing fine. They also sent photos of the dog to Raturi, but only the face of the dog was visible in them. 

Dog was not given food for several days

Upon returning, Raturi headed to the pet shelter. To her shock, she found that the dog had shed considerable weight and was sick.

Raturi rushed Babli to a vet. After diagnosis, it was revealed that the dog was not given food and was ill for several days.

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The dog died during the treatment, after which Raturi returned to the creche owners and confronted them. 

Other pet owners had ‘similar experience’

“They simply claimed that the dog didn’t eat. Later, I started enquiring about other pet owners who had kept their dogs there, to which they shared a similar experience. I then decided to lodge a complaint,” Raturi added. 

Sub-inspector at Patel Nagar police station, Devender Gupta, who is involved with the ongoing investigation, said that a case has been registered on Raturi’s complaint. 

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