RADICAN’S AEW Double or Nothing ticket announcement rally recap – top news items, new signings introduced for male and female roster, matches announced for Double or Nothing, Omega debuts


This is a virtual time recap of AEW’s Double or Nothing ticket announcement rally held at the MGM Grand in Last Vegas, Nev.

Top News Items:

  • Kenny Omega was introduced at the end of the rally as the big surprise. He said he had just signed his AEW contract this morning. Omega is also an Executive VP in AEW.
  • Chris Jericho confronted Kenny Omega at the end of the rally. They had a pull-apart brawl. It looks like they will wrestle at Double or Nothing on May 25, but nothing was announced.
  • Several matches were announced for Double or Nothing on May 25. Matches made official include Hangman Page vs. PAC, The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. The Lucha Bros. (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix), and S.C.U. (Scorpio Sky & Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) vs. Team OWE (CIMA & Two Partners).
  • Kylie Rae vs. Nyla Rose was heavily teased for Double or Nothing.
  • Several new talents were announced as having signed  with AEW including Sonny Kiss, Sammy Guevara, Kylie Rae, Aja Kong, Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta, Pentagon Jr, Rey Fenix, Yuji Sakazaki, and Nyla Rose.
  • A working relationship with AAA in Mexico was announced.

You can watch the entire press conference below:

A working relationship with AAA in Mexico was announced on the pre-show. M.J.F. also came out and made fun of Conrad Thompson.

Alex Marvez and Conrad Thompson introduced the press conference. Excalibur was mentioned as the third man off to the side. Sonny Kiss came out and tossed some merchandise to the crowd.

He will be at Double or Nothing. Marvez said Brandi Rhodes signed him. Cody Rhodes was brought out next. Cody said this feels like a revolution and the crowd chants AEW. Cody said their first partnership was with OWE and now they have reached a partnership with AAA in Mexico.

Cody said it’s time to talk about tickets. The fans chant they want tickets. Cody did right this moment there is a pre-sale at allelitewrestling.com right now. General public tickets go on sale on Feb. 13. The pre-sale codes will be emailed out to fans that register at AEW’s website on Feb. 11.

Cody Rhodes introduced Sammy Guevara as the next signing by AEW. Guevara said he’s the current AAA Cruiserweight World Champion. He said he’s one of the best in the world. Guevara said no matter who they sign, AEW’s true superstar is Sammy Guevara. He then urged fans to buy tickets to Double or Nothing and see him steal the show.

Hangman Page was out next. He said he was going to show up in full gear, but he doesn’t have the body for it. He said by Double or Nothing he’ll be in the best shape of his life. He said at he last rally he talked about wanting to be the first AEW Champion. Page talked about being interrupted by PAC, but he wouldn’t be interrupted tonight. PAC then interrupted him via satellite. It looked like a cell phone video. PAC said it’s nothing personal, he just humbles the arrogant. He called Page an elitist prick.

PAC challenged him to a match on May 25 at Double or Nothing. He said after their match, Page would want to ride out into the sunset never to be seen again. Page said PAC is doing what he does best. He’s sitting at home. Page said at Double or Nothing it will be the Bastard vs. The Hangman.

The Young Bucks were brought out next. They signed some things for the fans and got a big pop. Matt talked about how they promised each other to be wrestlers and travel the world together as a tag team. He said the fans say they’re a top five or top ten tag team of all time. The fans chanted number one at them. Matt said tag team wrestling had become a lost art.

Matt said that’s all about to change. He said his goal was to give the fans the best tag team division in the world. Nick asked can tag team wrestling be the main event? The fans said yes. The Young Bucks were just in the main event of Final Battle. Nick then introduced one of their favorite tag teams to wrestle and brought out Best Friends. Chuck Taylor and Trent then came out as the latest additions to AEW.

Trent said they were in AEW to change the world through the power of friendship. Trent asked the fans to join hands in a Best Friends chant by putting their hands together. They then did a Best Friends chant on three. They said they’d be in Vegas on May 25 for Double or Nothing.

Best Friends left and The Young Bucks were leaving, but The Lucha Brothers came out. Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix got a big pop. Fenix wiped out Nick and Pentagon hit a package piledriver on Matt. Fenix said he hoped they were ready for The Lucha Brothers. Paragon then spoke in Spanish. It was announced that The Young Bucks and Lucha Bros. will face off at Double or Nothing.

Brandi Rhodes was brought out for some insight on the women’s division. She wanted the fans to tell her brother, Jason, happy birthday. She then asked for a Jason chant. Brandi said Yuji Sakazaki from Tokyo Pro Wrestling would be at Double or Nothing. She said said Aja Kong would also be coming to Double or Nothing. That’s big.

Brandi said she didn’t come alone after mentioning that Sakazaki and Kong couldn’t make it to the event. She then introduced Kylie Rae as the latest edition to the women’s roster. She chewed gum while talking. The fans wanted her to show her dress, so she took her jacket off for a pop. The fans started a holy s—t chant. She said she can’t wait to take the women’s division by storm.

Brandi said she had one more thing. She said she had someone else to introduce. She introduced Nyla Rose. Rose stormed up to the stage and Rae offered a handshake, but Rose wanted none of that. They jawed and Brandi tried to keep them separate. Atlas Security stepped between them and Rae walked away.

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Excalibur came up to the stage and said AEW is about collaboration and setting their sites globally. He then introduced S.C.U. Scorpio Sky said this is the worst town he’s ever been in. Frankie Kazarian said he had an announcement. He said the official after party of Double or Nothing will be call S.C.U. All Night. Daniels said he had something to say. He said Excalibur had an announcement.

Excalibur came back up to the stage. He mentioned AEW is all about collaboration. He mentioned that CIMA had gone to China to spread the gospel of pro wrestling. He said the fans would have the opportunity to experience OWE for themselves. Footage was shown from OWE. CIMA then came out with members of OWE management. Dragon Fu, OWE COO, said China and America would be powerful together. Daniels said they were on the stage because of CIMA. Daniels said they go all the way back to Michinoku Pro Wrestling. Daniels said he wanted to face CIMA in a trios match. CIMA and Daniels shook hands.

Marvez and Thompson came back up to the stage. They said there’s one more announcement. The fans chanted Kenny’s name. They went to the countdown on Omega’s phone expiring. The Being the Elite them played and Omega  came out to a huge pop. He was also listed an Executive VP in his graphic.

Omega said he made the fans wait a long time for this announcement. He said he didn’t put pen to paper until this morning due to legalities. Omega said the journey had to come to an end in Japan.

He said he saw at All In the fans understood what change the world means. He said he thought why it can’t be this way all the time, now it can be. He said instead of saying how they will change the world, the cast and crew of AEW will show them.

Chris Jericho’s music played and he came out to confront Omega. He didn’t sign any photos or take any selfies with fans. They talked to each other and the fans chanted holy s—t. They began brawling, but AEW management, including B.J. Whitmer, helped pull them apart. Atlas security also helped. Jericho was as dragged away and Omega was wearing his hat. The fans chanted you look good. Omega then hit his catch phrase to close the rally.

It’s worth noting nobody got tossed into the pool during the rally.

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