Renée Zellweger Gets Real About Her Experience with Fame on Netflix’s Chelsea

Chelsea Handler met up with actress Renée Zellweger on her Netflix-sponsored talk show to discuss the strange phenomenon of fame and the transitions the Bridget Jones actress faced as a result.

Zellweger rose to stardom after her breakout role in Cameron Crowe’s Jerry Maguire, in which she starred alongside Tom Cruise. Though nearly twenty years have passed since her initial star turn, the actress is still handling the fallout that comes with fame.

During the intimate sit down, the 47-year-old star discussed her odd relationship with her career, a self-deprecating dialogue that can be best described as “Impostor Syndrome.” “I’m not trained,” Zellweger said, “I feel like every job I kind of got by accident because I tricked them and they just haven’t found out yet, but inevitably they’re going to and they’re going to fire me.”

Handler was quick to point out that Zellweger has never seemed completely comfortable in the spotlight, to which the Texan actress agreed. “I really like the job,” Zellweger told Handler. “Fame is just weird to me. It’s not natural … You don’t have an opportunity to really meet people in a genuine way.”

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Zellweger admitted that fame is something one never quite acclimates to: “There’s a lot of things that happen, that change, when suddenly people recognize you on the street. You’re not born with the faculties to know how to navigate that immediately, you have to develop skills. I’m still developing those skills,” Zellweger said.

Watch the video above for the full interview—which includes insights into the issues surrounding female self-confidence and a look at Zellweger’s relationship with her family.

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